Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Today, I just wanted to take touch on a subject that isn’t just heavy on my heart today, but everyday. I don’t say thank you often enough to our veterans, but I can’t thank you guys enough. Sometimes I set back and think about how I’ll never relate to some of your experiences because I’m not brave like y’all. You are the bravest people I know. You guys sacrifice everything so that I can live my life so freely. I mean some of you miss your babies being born, some of you come back and a family member is no longer around, you see things unimaginable and some of you lose your best friend while you are over there fighting for us, or we lose you over there. When you return, you are expected to come back and move on from your experience. I will forever be sorry for that, that we as a country rely on you to fight for us but then you can’t rely on us when you come back. It makes me sad to know that a lot of you suffer from PTSD and we as a country don’t offer you all of the resources you may need. I want you to know that you are ALL my heroes! I will always be thankful for what you do, what you’ve done, and what you continue to do for our country. I know this paragraph won’t be seen by all of you, maybe not even a handful of you, but I do want you to know I think about my heroes every single day, and I thank the good Lord above for you all.  


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