Monday, December 8, 2014

Iceskating, birthday partyin', gameday & lots of ceviche

Top of the mornin' to ya friends! Just trying to dethaw my little fingers to type this post while I sip on my coffee, unfortunately, I literally cannot take the cold. Some people can't handle the heat, I'm the opposite, I loathe cold weather. We've been pretty fortunate in Oklahoma though, I mean, I've had colder. Speaking of cold, Will and I had a little date night Friday night and it was pretty fun. We had been craving ceviche so he took me out to 1492 and we tried theirs. Wasn't awful, but also, not our favorite. After that we went ice skating at  Devon Ice Rink. Actually, what we really did was a lot of falling, go figure. We got a lot of laughs in and our calves were sore by the end of that adventure.

Saturday morning we were up early having coffee and getting ready to go separate ways. Will had a work tailgate event to attend and I was headed south for my neice's 3rd birthday party. I stopped for more coffee on the way down, with cold weather, my coffee addiction is in full force. Once I was in Ardmore, Bk, Minnie Mouse & me all took a bunch of ussies. I ate a ginormous piece of cake and it instantly upset my stomach :(. After the party, I met back up with Will and we hung out with some of our hometown friends and listened to music around a fire in our backyard/patio area.


Sunday, we slept in and then went and ate more ceviche at Mamaveca , it's one of our faves. Then we took Shoba on a walk around Midtown, did a little shopping and had some big truck tacos at the Bleu Garten and caught a little bit of the Thunder game. We came home and cuddled with our tired pup and watched Four Christmases and Shawshank Redemption , I couldn't believe Will hadn't seen Shawshank, such a good one. Butttttt, now it's Monday, and I already want it to be Friday, but all I have to look forward to this week is paying bills and cleaning our house from having people over....ahhhh life, why can't you always be as exciting as the weekends?

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