Tuesday, December 30, 2014

It's been a Holly Jolly Christmas thats for sure..

Before Christmas day, I had a mini celebration where I spent time decorating ginger bread houses with KC, Sutton, Sadie, Paris & Kinzi. It's always fun having those little toots running around the house, begging me to give them temporary tattoos. We opened gifts and had girl time, which was always fun! We also celebrated Christmas with at my bosses annual Christmas party, where we played dirty Santa, Bingo and ate the best food in Norman. Kim Dean sure can bake!

so.... going to a Christmas recital? ...nah, just bosses Christmas party haha

We met up with Eric after the Christmas party

Sweet Christmas msg from one of my guardian angels, grams Harber

Christmas eve was full of good wine, Dave dvds and catchphrase. I had stopped at Wal Mart on my way to Wills and bought the newest version of it. Lots of laughs that night. We woke up with a bit of a wine headache, but with the vague memory of learning we were gifted with an amazing round trip to Mexico. We will be traveling to Mexico in July and will be staying in a swim up suite, adults only resort called  Secrets Maroma . I couldn't have been more shocked, overwhelmed with emotion, excited, etc. I say all of the time how fortunate I am to be where I am in life. I don't have a lot of things, but I get a lot of questions from time to time about when I'll do this, or when I'll purchase that, or have children, etc. But I've always said I would wait until after I turned 30 to buy a house or lakehouse, to get hitched, have the twins, and do the whole thing. Things like this make me really appreciate the fact that I have taken my time to "grow up". Traveling, concerts, celebrations with friends and even running races makes me really appreciate the fact that I have waited on all of the other stuff. I have a great job, a great family and I'm finally beginning to really get some really great traveling experiences in.

We got up and around, had some breakfast and then set around and stated something we were thankful about that morning. Then, we opened a bajillion gifts, it was nice, but it takes forever to open that many gifts, we are blessed beyond measure. I hope that one day as a family we will all do an act of kindness and give back to the community during Christmas. I had videos for this portion of my blog, but they won't upload, go figure!

Christmas came and went in a wink this year. I wish Christmas lasted longer, not the date specifically, but all the memories that are made with family. I know I say this repetitively,but family is just so important to me. This year we had eight family members in attendance on the Ahtone side. One member of the family bed ridden sick, two members in jail, one member working, one member making excuses because of an addiction, and five of the eight who have a parent in Heaven. I can't stress to you enough how much my family means to me. I wish that we didn't come together just for one day a year, but I sure do enjoy the 5 or 6 hours we are all present and interacting with each other like a "normal" family would do. This year Dirty Santa was good, we all ended up with great gifts, well, all but Sammy Flamingo, he got Dad's gift, a cheap weekender bag and a ginormous spotlight. haha. Will ended up with a portable speaker, Chandra a Yeti thermos, Jack a $40 amazon giftcard, Buzz got a Starbucks coffee mug, Applebee's giftcard & a Starbucks mystery amount giftcard, Sadie another Starbucks giftcard with a ton of chocolates and I got a king size taupe fuzzy blanket with comfy socks, I even had the option to switch at the end but didn't even want to I was more than excited about my comfy blanket. We have so much fun playing that game. Will & I handed out our gifts to Brentli and had fun watching her open them and listening to her say "another one". After we got finished with gifts, we went Christmas caroling, this has always been on Chandra's to-do list come Chritmas day. It's probably going to be a tradition, it wasn't even bad, welllll, for some of us. Will & Jack were very shy, which was dumb, because I'm pretty sure we made my sister's coworkers night! errrr, something like that.

B loves Christmas!

And we love her, so much so, we got a book made to remind her ;)

Ahtone crew singin' SO well

Will sure does know how to freeze those beers... rookie
We dominated in foos, unstoppable, Christmas night

For myself this Christmas, I got new bedding, I think it's taupe in real life, however, in this picture it looks purpleish, kind of like old lady hair purple, i guess i'll never know.

started juicing/blending any and every thing yesterday morning

The day after Christmas I met up with Chandra, Sadie & Brentli and we all went to get pedicures. We talked boys, life and all sorts of things. We had dinner at Napoli's, a little italian joint, with some delicious manicotti. We met up with Buzz after and we all went and watched Unbroken , highly recommended, and of course it made me want to read the book. I need to start reading before the film.

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