Monday, January 5, 2015

2015 here I come

I say this every year, but I'm not gonna lie, I just have a feeling about this year, I mean it's gonna be GOOD! Wills was on a ski trip while I was at home feeling all down and sick the last few days of 2014. The holidays are always tough, but as I get older, it gets a little more tough. Last year, I made it a goal to deal with some feelings emotionally that I had brushed under the rug and kept a straight/fake face about in the past. A part of me thinks thats why I'm a little more acceptable of my own actions and mistakes then people on the outside. I'm still learning, actually I just began learning about these emotions, I like to think I'm just growing. Who knows ?!? ha. Anyway, I reeeeeally missed Will when he was gone on his ski trip so I was ready for him to be home and he said he would be by new years eve and I was counting on that, because I've become a little more dependent on his company when I'm all vulnerable like that.

partied hard

New Years eve was spent with Wills, Emily, Jarron, Eric & Michele. I never let Will get any kisses on the lips until midnight on nye, so when he got home from the ski trip there was a lot of bear hugging. Will took a nap until we headed over to Emily & Jarron's while I prepared some snacks to take over. Will brought home 2 bottles of wine and 4 bottles of pink champagne, he was ready to celebrate I guess. ;) We made it over to Emily's and we talked a lot, played catch phrase, set our alarm for 11:50, and then watched the ball drop on television. Will and I shared a smooch and then sent out a few videos to our closest family and friends to tell them happy new year. We decided to check out Okie Tonk, where we hung out for about 45 minutes and then went back to Emily & Jarron's and hung out. We went to bed way tooooooo late.

felt really (un)cool showing up and spending an entire day wearing sparkles, sparkles are ONLY acceptable new years EVE

29 year olds take shots

30 year olds hydrate

We slept in the next morning and all decided to go eat buffalo wild wings, which resulted in day drinks and an early night full of sleep. Friday I felt out of it pretty much all day, which was a bit expected. I took Will out to a movie and we got to bed soon after we got home from the movie. I woke up pretty early on Saturday morning, we usually go out to breakfast, but instead I made Will pancakes & eggs, first time he ever tried them, and loved them, so that's always a plus, I mean I do make them a bit different then some people. I went and got a new car tag, washed my car, and then came home with tub containers for our annual first weekend of the year garage/storage cleaning duties. Will probably dreads this day, but I can't deal with piles in my garage or around the house, therefore, it just has to happen. Will spent a lot of time out in the garage, but I was super happy with the results and now he will appreciate me not being on his butt about the garage. The rest of the day was spent at home, but I get easily bored on the weekends if I stay in too much, and if you can't by me being busy up until that point, I had apparently inherited some energy from somewhere and I was ready to just be out of the house. We ventured up to the north side to see Kevin & Amanda's new home. We've missed them, so the night was REALLY fun, lots of laughing with some of our best friends. Of course there was dancing, shuffle board, pool and foosball. Just the usual stuff. I did accidentally drop my phone which stinks, but luckily I'm eligible for an upgrade so I'm going to look at the iphone 6 after work, so I'm not even mad about it.

Sunday Wills & I got up and went to eat at S&B burger, then went to Plenty a local store in the city, and then napped with Shoba. Now here we are at Monday and the new year as far as getting healthy has began. We are going to work off our butts to look amazing on our Mexico trip and I finally have him to count on as my workout partner! Let the sweating begin.....

So let's recap: We started out the year with great friends, successful organizing projects and positive energy about our health - I'm tellin' ya, it gonna be a good 2015.

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