Monday, January 12, 2015

Garth 2015

Hey guys, well, this weekend was definitely one for the books! If you ever have a chance to go see Garth, I say go, and get your ticket as quickly as possible. We ended up getting an added date, which happened to land us at the BOK center on opening night. We left Moore around 4:15 on Friday afternoon, my sister brought her friend (and my new friend) Hailey and we loaded up as quickly as possible and got a move on it. We ended up going to our hotel first, grabbed an uber ride over to the BOK. It's always funny for me to hang out with the small towners, for example, these two girls were amazed by how the uber ride works. It was pretty funny, I also like to hear people from back home talk, they say the words life, sky, and pretty much anything with an "i" sound really uniquely. We got to the BOK center and stood in a sea of people. The line didn't seem to move, it was cold, a lot of excited people who were bumping into each other, but very politely joked and apologized about the crowded bumping. Garth/Oklahoma fans are definitely some of the nicest fans I've ever been around. I've been to my fair share of concerts too. At one point, I looked back and caught my sister getting happy cry girl on me while waiting in line. The girl gets super emotional when it comes to Garth, which makes the experience all that much more fun and enjoyable. Once we were in the door, it was time to find beer. We got to our seats, one small incident with an older lady kicking over a beer and rejecting my high five saying it was not a big deal resulted in her getting more worked up than anyone should - clearly, she wasn't from Oklahoma (Chandra's exact words) but honestly, we weren't about to let anyone ruin our experience. Chandra said the lady only knew "friends in low places" anyway, so she probably wasn't 1/2 as excited as we were. To be honest, there may have not been ANYONE as excited as we were. We knew every word to every song, it's like the words are implanted in my brain. And if you know me at all, I'm more of a chorus person, I usually know the lyrics but when it comes to singing them I'm more of a chorus singer just because I sound better hahaha. The experience was so good, and I think it was partially because it was opening night and Garth was back in his home state. To read about a moment that had me in tears and chills running up my spine read HERE . There were also some other really great moments, like when I saw a guy carry down a woman because her legs weren't working properly. Then, when my sister, waited outside of the same woman's bathroom stall and ended up helping her in the bathroom because the lady needed help up & down from her wheelchair. Then when my sister came back from the bathroom and teared up about how her song to BK was "if tomorrow never comes" while Garth was singing it. When you grow up on songs with your sister and then get to experience later in real life, it's a pretty special moment. I uploaded a ton of videos on instagram if you follow me, you can see a little more of our experience there. Anyway, Garth was a success!

Singing her heart out!

Place was packed!

After the show, we met with the Harris twins and their friend Brittany, where we had beers and played foosball at McNellies. A little Marshal County fun never hurt nobody! The next morning I got up jumped a guy in the hotel parking lot, which apparently wasn't a safe idea, but honestly, he was a Garth fan and his aura was yellow so I just helped out. Will said I shouldn't do that anymore, but I mean, people helpin' people. After we checked out, we had brunch at a place called Leon's pretty dang good. Then drove back to Moore, shopped a little, then the rest of the weekend was pretty much a dud because I wasn't going to anymore Garth concerts.  I mean, Will and I tried out some new restaurants before the green smoothie 10 day detox began, but other than that, yeah, dud.

Look at how cute Will's new hairdo is! I love it! We aren't quite where we are planning to be on the end product, but I pretty much love it and love where we are going on it!

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  1. Love this! I have to say, I got pretty emotional at Garth too for some reason. I felt like my life had come full circle and it brought back many moments from my childhood. Glad you got to share that with your sis!