Friday, January 9, 2015

he works hard for the money and i think thats hot!

Last night Will's job, Chemoil, hosted a business appreciation dinner at Jazmo's. It was so delicious! The last time I went to one of these, the dinner table seated about 12 people who worked for the company, this year it took 12 TABLES to seat the employees. Chemoil has grown so much, and it makes me so proud of my Wills. He works his ass off. He is the youngest original employee of the group. I love seeing someone you love succeeding. Will has authority over guys twice his age and there are so many people who work for Chemoil who respect him. The CFO and his lady both praised his hard work, and that makes me so proud of the guy. I love that he works for such an awesome company, I always think I'm lucky with my employer, but he's pretty fortunate too. We both love the people we work for. The group he works with are really fun & great! He works hard for the money and I think that's hot!

OG - Kiersten, CFO Jeff, Courtney - Jeff's lady, Kyler

LOVe these two

Love these two, Kirsten is a receptionist for Chemoil, she's a guys girl and I think she is pretty great! Kyler is brother, who is her date to most of the work stuff, he's pretty great too!
Sorry guys, she's taken!

Proud of this guy, oh and his beard it GONE!

This is Kobie, youngest guy of the Chemoil group. He reminded me of my nephew, he's also a military guy who has served our country, he's pretty great! I went straight up mom mode and made him text us when he got to his destination at the end of the night !

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