Thursday, January 22, 2015

To the mouse in my file cabinet that I discovered this morning

The traps are set and ready to go
You are in here that I know
I got a glimpse of you while trying to file
Now I feel like you are watching me in the corner while you smile
You saw me sprint out of here as quickly as I could
Why are you in my office? Why are you in my hood?
I have already taken pain relievers to ease my headache and the stress
But honestly, I’m sure you couldn’t care less
I sit in my chair with both feet in the seat
The snack we baited you with sure is sweet
I’m sorry it has to be this way for you
I just can’t work this way, it’s me not you
So nibble nibble nibble on that little honey bun
When I hear the trap snap, I’ll know you’re gone and I can get some work done
So, Bye Bye Bye you little mousey
Hopefully your friends will know to stay in their own housey

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