Wednesday, January 7, 2015

We're moving!

Not really, I mean, we are but not like that. We are so excited about our vacation this summer that we are finally on the workout train. Last night we had the bike going, the treadmill going, and I even made sure I walked a minimum of 7500 steps yesterday. So weird. I'm like the old lady with the pedometer, maybe we'll get fitbits over the weekend or some crap. I've also changed up our evening menu to eating a lot cleaner, Will hasn't noticed, which really isn't surprising because he'll eat anything haha. I've been doing organic fruit/grains/gluten free smoothies for lunch, juicing some, more fruit as snacks and all natural meats and organic veggies. Pretty cool, babysteps, but I already feel better, and I think being healthy makes me feel happier throughout the day.

In other news, we have some family members and really great friends going through some rough patches. If you are a prayer, send up some prayers to God that these people will have faith in his will and that stay in a positive mindset! Prayer works people, that's why I'm asking you to say a little prayer today for people you may or may not know, just going through a tough time.

Also, Wills is getting a new hairdo tonight, I literally cannot wait. He's been growing out his beard and hair for some time now. But tonight that all changes. I mean, he'll probably still be a little scruffy on his face but I'm excited about his new hairdo. He's so handsome, so cheers to looking handsome-r babertz.

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