Thursday, February 12, 2015

Birthdays & the most perfect friends

Friday morning I got up at 4:30 a.m. to go to class HELL with Emily at the gym, needless to say I was more than happy it was over once it was over. I think it’s pretty dumb for gyms to put up a clock in the room you are taking a class in, I catch myself looking up at it counting down the minutes til the torture stops. But I’m thankful I have the bitch to keep me in line and make sure I stay on top of my shit. I definitely don’t think I’d be motivated on my own. Workday happened and by the time I made it home, I was opening the door to our houseguests Tim & Cory. By the time the Wills got home, they were off to taco bell to get food, I apologize we didn’t have food in our refrigerator, I try to keep shit out of my sight, I try to cook even more these days so there is nothing really available when you open the cabinets and refrigerator in my house these days. They got back and then we had some more people show up and we all hung out and waited to get out and see what Norman had to offer. There was a big group of us running around like we owned the place and acting like we were younger than we really are which I’m sure I don’t have to spell out for you but that means FUN. We loaded up a big group and headed home and before I knew it I was up for an entire 26 hours. Emily always jokes that this happens when they hang out with Will & I. It’s basically the norm when we hang out with Kevin & Amanda, it’s like we get together and before you know it we are sitting at a diner and having breakfast… which is really our dinner.  I think that happens with good friends though, my justification for staying up that late with my friends is that we work 45 hours a week, we attempt the healthy lifestyle, no crazy overnight binge drinking, smokes, or any of that for the additional 75 hours of the week. (Look, I’m not a mathlete so don’t go calling me out on my bad addition of hours) Anyway, so on the weekends we are supposed to squeeze in quality time with our friends, um I just like to get in as many ounces/hours of fun with my people as I can. Other than that, we also have the justification that we don’t have children yet, because we are still children and choose not to as of now. Don’t hate me because I tell you like it is, it’s just our choice for now. So bye Felicia with your negative attitude towards our age, not taking life too seriously and non-curfew ;). Girl bye. Clearly, I have been watching too many episodes of Real Housewives of Atlanta.


Some dude had me pet set while he took a leak.
I think Jarrin's brother-in-law said it best when he said
"All you need at this place to get the ladies is a pecker and a poodle"

I think short stacks name was Oliver?

If you look hard enough, me & Amanda's face will appear in the glass.
We seriously can't stop laughing enough to take a photo.

In other news, Saturday afternoon we all headed to Bleu Garten for drinks and fun. We had a group of about 15ish I’d say and we had a good time playing catchup with everyone. Around 7, we all went to eat at Iguana for Jarrin’s birthday. There was a group of about 20 ppl there as well, then after we went to check out Fassler’s… well, some of us, Eric & Michele were MIA ;). The night was fun, but I’ll say as soon as I got home all my entire mind & body wanted was sleep and lots of it.

I'll admit, I'm ready for balentines day with babertz. It's one of my favorite "holidays". He goes all out and we just focus on eachother and this relationship thing that we've cooked up over the years. He can be romantic (like) when it comes to balentines. We have a day planned that includes hiking, a beautiful dinner, botantical gardens and making a baby.... i'm kidding!!!! (gotcha!)

Sunday morning, Wills and I met his mom & grandpa at Life Church…I know what you might be thinking, wait? Drinking and getting out of hand for two nights in a row, but then church the next morning…. Well yes, precisely. Jesus drank wine boys & girls, that’s a fact. Jesus also forgives people for their sins, this is true. So we did a little repenting of our sins, plus if you’ve ever been to life church it’s just a cool place to be on a Sunday, (sing that in the tune of “on a Tuesday” because it’s fun to do) we like it there. You can also watch it on tv for those of you who aren’t the type who like to get up, get dressed, sing but just want to listen to someone who can preach the word with a sense of humor and in a way that keeps your attention. After church, we headed to Wynnewood for my papa Harber’s 90th surprise birthday, so cool that we still get to celebrate this awesome man. He is the best example of what we should all aim to be... MEN! Not really, what I'm saying is he has a heart of gold and I’ve never heard him speak ill towards anyone and he has a smile and laugh that are contagious. My mom was raised by two of the most incredible people. He got teary eyed when he saw his grandkids had traveled to be a part of celebrating him, it makes me teary eyed just thinking about it. I love that man.

Monday night, Will cleaned while I stressed about my freakin’ taxes and watched Vanderpump rules. Vanderpump rules always makes me feel a little bit better about myself, I mean lord knows those reality shows feed off the craziness in other peoples lives and people like me watch it and pat myself on the shoulder about what I’ve “achieved” so far. Hahaha, guilty pleasure, yeah I think so. We've also got into Mexico mode with our workouts. Will finally made an appearance in the gym, it's been a while but we're ready to look like hot tan THIRTY year olds once we get there!

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