Monday, February 23, 2015

Bookwormin', low key weekends & good vibrations

Friday night after work I stopped into the gym got a run in and then met Wills at Jimmy Johns for a turkey tom. Once we were home, I opened up Harry Potter right where I left off (page 18) something made me want to know more about wizard & witch life. I ain't about that life... I breaked and we met up with Emily, Jarrin, Shelly & Scott at Okie Tonk. I knew one of them Harris twins was in town so I had them come up and hang for a bit, we went back to Joni's house and played  ketchup & catch phrase until wee hours in the morning. Joni lives in the same neighborhood from us so we got some steps on our striiv bands and made the walk home.
It was Joni's bday!

We got up around 10 the next morning and took Shoba on a walk to my car, which I left at Okie Tonk. We got a coffee and then went to Shoba's annual vet appointment. After his appointment, we took Shobey back home and since my car was filled with Shoba's wintercoat we made our way to the car wash. Although, it is easier to vacuum a car with two people, turns out this is something I'm independent about doing myself. It must have something to do with where I work and what I see our detailer do. I don't like half ass jobs, and let's just say if there was a car vacuuming contest, I'd beat Will. We had sushi for lunch, then I spent my afternoon and evening with Harry. Will grilled out for us and I got the corn and salad ready, it was delicious. Around 10:30 I was in the mood for popcorn, so I talked Will into riding with me to Moore Warren Theater to get some. We stopped and got a red box movie. The movie of choice was Hachiko , ummmmm if you are a pet person, particularly a dog- sorry cat lovers, I've never known a loyal cat, you will cry so ugly. I mean Will and I started crying about halfway through and the waterworks didn't stop until it was over.

Our Vet said Shoba was a healthy kid and a good kid. We think he's pretty perfect, a turd, but perfect.
He is a hotmess when he eats, all boy that's for sure.

Sunday morning we got up earlyish, had breakfast at Jimmy's, then went to church. Church has done us some good, and I'm happy to say that we have been able to get his grandpa & mom interested more in it too. I am going to go to a womens conference on Saturday and then we are supposed to go to church with his grandpa & sister Sunday and I really hope that happens. Nothing feels more like home to me than being in church on a Sunday with family members. I hope that this can be a step forward in the right direction and a new tradition when they come in town for all of us. It's been a positive focus for Will and I as a couple too, we have gotten to a good place and I'm happy. I'm just glad I'm finally at a place where I can open up and recieve his love. I have a problem of opening up like that, I like to screw things up when I am out of my comfort zone. It's no excuse anymore though. He is able to get to the core of his issues and I am able to do that for myself too. It's cool to finally recognize, realize and grow. It took us long enough. We are more of a team these days, and that's a pretty cool thing. I know that there are always going to be people out there who aren't going to offer any support to us a couple, that's ok though, we don't really have the need for that negative energy when we are trying to better our relationship. The saddest part for me is the fact that I've listened and been around when these negative nancy's needed postive energy and support. But now we have recognized these types and we surround ourselves with people who give us the support we need to be the best team we can be. Again, by no means do I claim to be perfect, in fact yesterdays service was about sinning and don't kid yourself my hand was probably raised the highest and most often when it came to the "if you have sinned in this way raise your hand" part of the message. After church, I got back in bed with Harry. I did break to have lunch with Wills at Mama Veca & do a little bit of grocery shopping. We stopped to catchup with Sam at Hudson's and then when I got home I had a date with the dreadmill. By the end of the night I didn't have but 50 pages left of the book, watched a little bit of the Oscars but got bored with it, and had cake & coffee for dinner. I'm sure I'll finish Harry Potter on my lunch break and then I'll probably ask Luke if I can borrow the second book, I'm sucked in. Got up this morning and embarrassed myself in a workout class, feel a bit of a sore throat & an ear infection coming on, however, the snow is pretty and it's a new day so I'm still kickin'. I cannot wait to go home and have soup and a nap for lunch though.

Sunday Spread

My tired Shoba bear

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