Monday, February 2, 2015

Date night, A night out with the ladies & Superbowl Sunday

I always say this but it's always true, my weekends are the shit. ESPECIALLY this weekend!

Friday after work I went and got a 3 miler in a the gym. Once I got home Will was ready to take me on a date. (um sweet!) I had a pretty delicious fish taco at Iguana Grill while he stuck to his traditional choice of enchiladas. I guess he decided he wanted to get his butt kicked at some arcade games so we made our way over to Dave & Buster's. As expected, I took him down. Well, maybe not in everything but if you know me, you know I'm competitive and HATE to lose at anything, so yeah I brought my A game. We got Shoba a couple of stuffed animals with all of our tickets and he was pretty stoked about that, made a mess of them, what'd that monkey ever do to you Shobey?



Saturday morning, I met up with Emily at the gym for some yoga. I'm pretty terrible at yoga but I think slowly I'm getting better. It's a lot harder than I thought that's for sure. Will and I got out a little for the afternoon, we had some lunch full of calories, so when I got home, I ended up having to do a second workout. Will loves food with carbs and calories, lucky guy that he doesn't have to worry about much when it comes to his metabolism. However, I'm not that "blessed". That evening, Michele & Misty headed over and we met Emily & Amanda at Louie's Too for apps & cocktails. After laughs over cocktails, we headed to the Loony Bin for more jokes. After the show, we had to figure out where to get our dance on and we decided on Groovy's where the bartending sucks but the people watching & dancing scene is on point. We took the dancing and girl time to Amanda's place after, where danced and taboo'd until early hours of the morning. Our lyft driver made sure I made it home before the sky turned from blue to orange though, so he got 5 stars.

Sunday afternoon, Will took me & Emily back to our cars and we stopped and had a couple of bloody's in midtown at S&B Burgers. Hair of the dog always helps. That evening we made our way over to our neighbors a housing edition over for the superbowl. It was a pretty great superbowl in my book. I wasn't really rooting or betting anyone to win so I had a good time eating great food & watching the game. Oh and Katy Perry put on a pretty awesome show, loved that ose singing & dancing sharks. We stayed and talked and laughed with our new friends and then literally crashed the second we got home. Super excited to say that Will surprised me with Jack White tickets for tonights show. He's the best, well, sometimes ;). We might be the oldest people there since it's geared toward the OU student crowd. We are realizing OU students are looking younger and younger these days which can only mean one thing, we are looking older. We get id'd less and less, we are learning to embrace it slowly haha.

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