Monday, February 16, 2015

LOVE weekends

I think it's become obvious that I write after the weekend is over. This is because this is usually when the more exciting events happen in my life. If I blogged all day errr day I think it would just tell you that I have a tiny social life and no job and all that important kind of stuff. I do indeed have a life. People with lives don't blog. Duh. I mean it just seems relevant to write after the weekend and before my week begins because when my week begins I'm sucked into my adult life. If I'm really feeling organized I might write and schedule a blog ahead of time. That takes more effort though.... OK, why am I explaining myself to you guys? I mean, who gives a crap?

Friday, the Wills had flowers delivered to the workplace. He had the sweetest message on the card and I'll say I was surprised, definitely wasn't expecting flowers. He also got he and I Striiv Activity Bands , which are really cool. And it's already been established that my boyfriend moves more than I do, however, I knew he would. If you know my boyfriend, you know that he is always doing something, he doesn't chill. Sometimes I get tired just watching him... Anyway, the striiv bands are pretty legit. Friday night we met up with Jarrin, Emily, Michele, Eric, Blake & Babbs at Louie's west side. Before I knew it, we had a table full of girls playing catch phrase and the guys were occupied with shuffle board. Will also started planning my 30th birthday and it gets me really excited because I will be surrounded by my best friends and good vibes, no bad juju allowed at my 30th. He still has to talk to some of you (Kevin, Amanda, Hailey & Pablo etc). But I think we will all have a great time and I'll love turning 30 with my people around me celebrating.  It's still weird thinking about turning 30.






Saturday morning, Mr. Wills woke me up with a kiss and a card from him & Shoba. We then got up and went to Lake Arcadia to hike the hiking trails with our boy and quickly fell in love with the area. We will definitely be camping there during the weekends this summer. We talked about everything while we were out there hiking. I loved spending time with my boys and getting exercise in. After the hike we walked around the paseo district and then stopped at a new place called The Pump Bar for a day drink date, the Wills had a bloody while I sipped on a mimosa. We decided we'd have another drink and I opted for a prarie bomb and Wills jumped on board, we loved them. Maybe a new favorite for us. We left pump around 3ish because we had dinner reservations around 4:45 and we wanted to get a shower and get our hair did before. We got home and cleaned up for our date night. We rushed around and were only a little late to dinner. We had a pretty amazing dinner, I opted to go with the valentines day special and have a steak.... my stomach murdered me for it. Never again, the last time was in the 7th grade, I did have a burger 7 years ago and then Saturday I had the steak and it just wasn't all it's cracked out to be for me. We went to the Myriad Botantical Gardens to view all of the beautiful orchids. They had the place decked out. They greeted us with chocolate strawberries, champagne and it was red light specialed and love song playlisted out, super romantics. Sidenote: I'm fully aware of how I place the letter "s" to the end of some words, it's just something Will and I do. We walked over to Flint after the gardens to have a drink, they were packed and we decided we'd rather just go home and hang out with Shoba. Of course, Wills had to talk me into a cinnabon cinnamon roll stop on the way home. We had cinnabons in bed and cuddled with our Shobey the rest of the evening. Pretty damn perfect for a balentines day. I love that Wills.

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