Tuesday, February 3, 2015

my mind is blown

if you EVER get the opportunity to go to a Jack White show, GO. i am trying to focus, it's not working, it may not happen today because my mind is blown. I've been to my fair share of live shows and they have all been good for the most part, some obviously better than others. I love watching an artist live, I think you can really determine how talented (or untalented) they are. What I'm getting at is music these days is made to sound like perfection on the radio but live is where you get the real deal. Well, I say that but I hear Britney Spears may incorporate lip syncing into her routine. Who knows? Not me, never seen here, not even sure I want to, well, actually I take that back, I hear she's entertaning. Nevertheless, I wouldn't be going to "listen" to her. Garth Brooks is pretty up there when it comes to concerts I've been to. I can sit here and name a few shows I loved, but I remember after seeing Garth the first time I quickly realized that I'd be finding him again in the future. I don't always do that when I see people live. There is also the Dave Matthews experience which is easily an addictive concert. But then last night happened, Jack White is amazing. I told Will what I expected to see and Jack did not let me down. He knows how to bring the show. He was SO good. Will admitted when he came to pick me up from work that he may not have signed up for the concert if I wasn't so excited about going. Jack White does to me what Zeppelin does to me, although, you might have guessed I never got the opportunity to see that band play live. I think there are just some people you hear and they give you something different that you don't get when you are listening to just anyone. It goes deeper, they make you want to be in a different moment, a different time, they have something, a sound that's a little more hypnotizing to your ears, someone who has a mesmerizing charm about them that seems to draw you in. Anway, that's what Zeppelin & Jack White do to me, but to get to experience someone that does that to you in real life, it's just so good.  We went to New York pizza for $6 pitchers of beer and pizza before the show, I was getting so anxious while there. Will could tell. But once we got in the venue and we were about 12 ppl back on floor level from Jack White, I felt crazy, crazy good of course. I couldn't contain my excitement, Will knew right off he was in for the good stuff when Jack came out from behind the blue curtain. I don't know a better way to describe my experience other than mind blown. It was so good. I have been looking at his tour schedule and I've become more obsessed after watching him play for two and half hours straight. I didn't stop to pee once, i couldn't get my happy feet to stay still and I was in awe of everything in front of my face. He gets down, I can die happy now.  


p.s. I may have ruined my brand new iphone 6, i'm not even mad. I was pulling up my pants so quickly because I had to pee before the concert and I was scared I miss him opening and walking out. As I said, I'm not even mad. It was all worth it for what I experienced last night. However, Will is supposed to be sending me the other show photos, but he's super slow at that task. insert dramatic eye roll...

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