Monday, March 23, 2015

A little R&R weekend with Wills & Shoba

Friday night after my family left I met up with Wills, stopped and said hi to my other brother just because it's rarity I see all three siblings in one day and then played a little shuffle board. (More like me & Michele dominated Will & Eric at shuffle board) Eric & Michele headed to our house to play Wii and much to my surprise and frustration I realized someone had come over without an invitation. I think we should all acknowledge the fact that when we go to someone's home if we are planning to invite another person then we should mention it to the person living there first. Regardless just respect us as we would respect you if we were heading to your home with a stranger without you there- not that I believe that situation would ever happen. On another note, I will say I was stoked to be allowed to play the wii again, it's been a year since I have played.

Saturday morning I got up and made a hash brown breakfast casserole. Will & I got out and took my brother Sam to Norman to his car. We had lunch then headed home for a little spring cleaning and nap time. We went to Supermercado Morales for some meat and treats. Every time we are there I get mistaken for being Hispanic and people speak to me in Spanish and I just nod and smile. Poor Wills last name is Fernandez so everytime at the register they expect him to speak Spanish too, he doesn't know a lick of Spanish. I've decided if my name is going to be Fernandez I'm gonna learn Spanish because I realize it's expected with a last name like that. We got home, I did some yoga and watched some bravo and fell asleep with the hot guy in my bed.

Literally felt so good and so bad at the same time after yoga, it's tough.

Sunday morning I was up at 7 am ready to get my day started. The boys slept in but I was ready to get my day started. Finally they woke up and we were headed to Hefner for bike trails and running around 10:30. We got to the trails and debated whether should run Shoba on them or not, we decided to try it out. We've been hiking on trails with him and we've ran with him before just never ran on trails with him. He did SO good and I'm not just saying that because he's my dog (or maybe I am, who cares) but I didn't expect to get 3 miles in so I was impressed. I think the trails helped him stay cool and Will on his bike kept him motivated to keep a reasonable pace. That's not to say he didn't sprint way too fast right when we started but he got the hang of it we were all golden. On the way back we stopped by the pump for a beer but guess who forgot her i.d. (and doesn't look at least 21?) that'd be me. Luckily, there was some type of festival going on in the paseo area, we walked around it for a bit and stopped at a shop or two. We found live music at PIZZA 23 and hung out and had a beer while Shoba was on dog watch. We stopped by WATERS EDGE and got a bottle of red to bring home so I could make us some wine slushies. Bossman called us up to help him move some things back into our office at work, so we ran and did that. Once we were home, I painted a stone that we have & Will did yard stuff. Then Will opted to grill out and we had a nice relaxing evening out on our patio.


Sometimes I feel skinnier after I work out so I take a picture, do you do that? Just me?...


Worn out pup, we love him so much!

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