Monday, March 16, 2015

Because sometimes it's just easier for photos to do the talking

Friday night - Bailey & Tim got in town, I was celebrating the gorgeous Hailey at the mont, that night we all met up after dinner for dancing and spending dollars on the punching machine. I love that damn machine.

my hat was a big hit Friday night

Saturday Day/Night - woke up, drove back to get my car in Norman, Eric, Bailey, Will & I stopped in O'connells for a quick sipper then headed back to our place to grill out. A group of us all headed to bricktown and had drinks by the river at Capt Norms . Once the sun went down, we walked over to Tapwerks and listened to live music. We lyft'd back to Moore, stopped by Okie Tonk, watched Will dance his ass off then I burnt my finger slaving to bake a pizza Wills didn't even eat.

The two guys to the right are the reasons we got asked to leave...buncha nappers

At the time I thought my beer was smiling at me.... seems legit

Sunday we all woke up, I contemplated making breakfast and then we opted to have lunch at The Mont before Tim & Bailey left down. We discussed details of the Mexico trip we will all be taking and then eventually said our goodbyes. We hit up Jarrin & Emily then went over to their place for a little beersby, Will and I were on fire, probably more Will though, I just help out a little. We ended up leaving around 9 ordering chinese and getting in bed before 10. Pretty successful weekend of fun and alcohol, but I'm happy that it's a new week and I don't plan on drinking for a good minute. I need a break from alcohol I think, we'll see how long it last, sometimes when I'm on a break it's good, but sometimes it doesn't work out like that haha. Starting a bootcamp this week that the gorgeous Katy Wells teaches over at Wells Fitness , I'm actually not looking forward to it, but I'm ready to get my butt in gear for the vacations I'll be taking this summer.

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