Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Cabin Fever

My boss was legit on Friday, he got me starbucks & scraped my window before I left for the day!


We were all pretty bored with the weather on Friday night

I learned this weekend (not to my surprise) that I'm not a fan of cold weather. I've always known that I'm more cut out for sunshine but I was reminded over the weekend. Winter weather is gorgeous when the snow is fresh and pre second day dirty. The icy roads do keep me employed which is a plus but yep, that's about all I got when it comes to the weather Oklahoma saw over the weekend. Friday night I drove home slowly, got the car in the garage and was bored of being home almost immediately. I talked to Michele & Emily and we all opted for a game night, oh and of course wine. Catchphrase and vino were a hit for us but not for the pretty little liars. They headed to get wood for a fire, that one never happened and two that apparently is located at a bar up the street. Bitches, those boys are bitches. And I'm (still) bitter, I'm most the time good with a lot of things but my boyfriend Schwartz lies all the time. If you don't watch pump rules you might be lost but if you do and you know my boyfriend and you think about it, you'll see the similarities. Wills the nice guy, who wants everyone to have a good time, no drama buttttttttttttt he does have his secrets. Usually they are pretty ridiculous but they are just not worth the dingdong lies. He's my pretty little liar. I say this like its a joke but in reality it's not as funny as it is annoying. He's lucky I love him. Actually I'm lucky he loves me. We're just lucky in love!!!!! .... Or whatever, anyway, let's move to Saturday.

heyyyyyy, ooooooh



He's addicted to social media, I promise you if you ever take a break from social media, you won't be addicted, clearly, he hasn't taken a break.
I feel like this photo defines comfort, a cozy blanket, the non workout sportsbra and a good book.

Saturday on a snow day, that was pretty much our theme. We woke up and we were ready to get out on the roads. We are definitely from the south, we love icy roads and his 4wd truck(s). We called up his grandparents on both sides asked if they needed anything while we were out and about. We knew Dandad was going to say no because he's like us and likes to get out too. Not to our surprise we ran into him while at Walmart after lunch. There were a few hours spent at home but by evening I was through being inside. I talked Wills into beer & pretzels at Das Bootcamp. I got the dunkelweizen and it was delicious, I thought it tasted like bubblegum. My tastebuds could be off, I mean I haven't really been able to smell or breathe for a good week so who the hell knows?!? I thought it was pretty good is what I'm tryin to get at here. We shared pretzels, sauerkraut, sausage & laughs. I just "happened" to have battle of the sexes cards in my purse... I generally have some ice breaker game on me at all times 'cause that's how I roll. - I know what I'm about to type is cheesy but I crack myself up, "that's how I roll", get it, like roll the dice, Yahtzee, which is a game? Yeah I'm funny. I feel like my sister will appreciate that little bit of clean joking on here. Anyway, we played for about an hour and I loved it, my boyfriend isn't really a gamer, I think it's because he's afraid of embarrassing himself but I get Will in legit game mode when it's one on one and he is hilarious! We went and picked Eric up and then met the flamingo at Soooner Legends for karaoke. Karaoke never disappoints! Once we were home, Will resorted to social media and I was all about my second Harry Potter book.
Skyping with my sister is full of laughing and acting ridiculous! Love her!

Sunday morning we met Emily & Jarrin at church. I was really glad they met us, it's good to have friends you share a lot in common with. I feel like I keep typing this in my blog posts lately but we are really in a good place these days and I feel like it's because we have been surrounding ourselves with positive thoughts, people and yeah just good vibes. We had lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings then went our separate ways. I read a little, we watched some cheesy movie with Luke & Owen Wilson and then napped with Shoba.

Back at Monday, I think we are about 85% over our mutual cold, I'm over my cold enough that I'm not being too lazy to prep and cook food so I'm already doing better than I was at this time last week. Have a good week, stay warm (classy) Oklahoma!

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