Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Circle of Friends.... aka the circle of liffffffffe

I just wanted to write up a post of my circle of friends and what they bring into my life because I’m feeling all friendly and shit!  

Paris – known this girl for 10 years going on 11 now. She knows me better than anyone. ANYONE. She knows my skeletons & my happy places. She brings rawness to my life. She’s always been the one who digs deep to get to me. She won’t stop until she gets the real me either. Luckily, she appreciates who I am underneath it all too, and she just gets it. She is extremely blunt and it cracks me up, let’s just say I’m glad I’m on her good side ;) Paris brings REAL to my life.

Amanda & Hailey – These two are a package deal, not because they aren’t enough individually but because I do what I want and also because I don’t want to dig through my computer for a photo of just me & hailey, or just me & Amanda. Amanda and I became instant friends when we met, I remember meeting her at louie’s which happened to be both of our go-to when it comes to bar scenes. And honestly, I don’t know why I feel the need to type about that random fact but apparently I think it’s note worthy. Anyway, I then met Hailey through Amanda, and I instantly thought she shared the same sense of humor. I feel like we share the literally the same type of goofiness, as do a couple of other girls that I’ve mentioned in this post. I can’t say the jokes we tell are “good, clean, jokes” but they are definitely knee slappers/snorters. Or maybe I just think we are the funniest people alive…. Maybe we aren’t, um yeah we are. There is a lot of laughter that comes from this friendship and what is better than laughter? …nothing, they bring a LOT of laughter to my life!

Michele – This girl and I can talk for days, she laughs with me, she’s seen me in rare form (the ring girl puking kind) she’s easy to talk to about deep things that are going on and offers a lot of perspective. She’s my fellow brunette sister, and brunettes unite. She and I have a lot in common when it comes to discussing our future, and she just brings a lot of charisma to my life. She’s also supportive in who I am now, who I used to be and who I’m trying to be these days. She offers a lot of support and I think you have to have that in a friendship!


Emily – we became fast friends me & Emily. We have a lot of things in common, both from small towns, both know the same ppl, we like running, being healthy, and even had one of the same new years resolutions. We like boring fun, which includes, crafting, working out, wine nights, and talking about food – we are both always trying to watch what we eat it seems. Haha. She holds me accountable for workout commitments and the friendship is still new but I think she’s pretty great! Emily brings a lot of newness to my life right now!



KC – hometown homey! This girl and I have a lot of things in common and then are completely different in other areas. She was a roommate of mine when I was attending school (at one of the 3 places I went to college at) and our schedules were completely opposite. She worked nights at a club downtown and I worked day shifts where I’m currently at now. I’d be leaving for work & she’d be getting home from her job. We both know the value of family and we share some unfortunate life happenings and our perspective on certain aspects are a lot the same. She’s laid back but also very outgoing at times. She’s also trained with me for marathons, and any runner knows that someone who does this type of thing is together for life. She’s pretty great at giving feedback on situations when I need to ask for it too. KC brings a lot of serenity to my life.


Candice – What can I say? When you sign a bff contract at the beer garden, it means business. I’ve known this lovely lady since I was in the 5th or 6th grade, I can remember always thinking she was such a beautiful girl. I didn’t really know her as a person growing up, we were more of acquaintances I’d say. But we did become friends years later. She brings a lot of FUN to my life. We don’t see each other as often as we used to, nor talk as much as we used to, but when we get together we go in depth on catching each other up on life. We don’t exactly go to each other for advice much, although, we have in the past, maybe because we just don’t have anything we need advice on anymore, we’ve clearly got it figured out ;) There’s not a ton of seriousness in our friendship, because neither of us seem to take life too seriously. But that just makes getting together all the more enjoyable because we know how to have FUN. We’re never on a strict schedule when we get together; we are only two people on the fun timeline. C brings a ton of FUN to my life. I feel like we are a lot alike in so many ways yet very different on other aspects of our lives. She brings a lot of adventure to my life!


jSex- aka johnna, she’s one of my hometown girlfriends too, she is such a wonderful person inside & out. She and I went to church together from probably 5th grade through the high school years. We revisted our friendship after years of not seeing each other when we both lived in Houston. We were two small town girls just wanting to have fun in a big city. I really feel like she is one of the reasons I enjoyed my time there so much. She brings a lot of spontaneity to my life. I remember us being game for literally whatever back then, we made a bajillion great memories in a matter of months. I miss her all the time and always wish we lived closer!


Misty- This lady is brilliant! If you can ever think of someone who makes you want to be a better rounded individual, this is your lady. She’s got it all, and by God, she has worked her ass off to get it too. She’s the friend who seems to have it all and all of her shit together. She inspires me a lot. We also have a lot of really funny childhood story similarities that we can relate back to.She also lost her mother at a really young age like me and we have a lot of the same "being independent" characteristics in common. This girl is my soul sister, she knows it and I know it and I love her dearly. Misty brings a lot of inspiration to my life!


Chandra- Sisterhood is one of the best gifts from God. And I literally got blessed with the most remarkable sister. She is a great listener, she has the best laugh, she is a perfect example of who I need to grow up and BE. She inspires me everytime I’m around her. She is always positive, I think she might be an angel. I thought this about my mom too, but they are so much alike it’s ridiculous. Back in the day we were the three best friends that anybody could have. We grew up together and we are very close and we have the cheesiest jokes and we laugh so hard at them. We are weird together, we are real together, and we are freakin’ awesome together. We sing all of the time when we are together. (it wears people out, they probably just need to learn to sing better and join in with us) We also face tough situations the same, we always compare the tough times to the toughest time we went through before. We always tend to be the ones to remind each other of what’s important in life. She's super smart, great at communication and listens like any counselor should ;). She reminds me to balance my priorities in my life, she’s really good at doing that in hers and I see that and want that. She brings a lot of GOOD VIBES to my life.


P.S. Will & I are getting hair makeovers tonight, stay tuned to see how it turns out for us! We are both going for different more hip looks!




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  1. I was just thinking the other day that I really miss patio talks with Misty!