Monday, March 23, 2015

Family Time is the Best time

This week everyone and their dog is on Spring Break. Spring Break 2015 consist of the normal 7:30-5:30 at the ole shop but I did have some house guest about mid week. I'm not sure why again I didn't go into the education field of work... I considered once, but then I decided to quit school. I know that some of you college graduates aren't really laughing at that joke, but I still find it laughable. I mean I would never ever take away what your degree has done for you. But I just decided to try college out and then I was just flat out over it. The truth is since I did a summer work program through the indians at the age of 13, I've loved to work. I worked 3 jobs during my first year of college at ECU, then from there it was always 2 jobs at a time. Once I moved to the city and realized I enjoyed working, so I just opted to go that route. I managed my brothers dry cleaning business and now help manage the office where I am. I like to think I'm the boss. I'm tottttally kidding, I'm not the boss. I am a boss, but not THE boss. 

Anyway, job experiences and stories are a whole other post. - needless to say, I don't get spring breaks. My girls Chandra, B & Sadie came up on Wednesday evening and I was so glad they did. Sadie & I went to Warren and watched The Duff and had ice cream sundaes inside the theatre, she thought that was cool, I think it's AWESOME!

In between turns, B & Will entertained themselves with a little game of
"where's Bk?- there she is" this girl is crazy, so is Uncle Wills!

I lost :(

B wanted her hair like her mom's, so I fixed it while Cha did her own, they are crazy!

The three of them plus my nephew Jack all went shopping on Thursday at the outlet mall. Will & I got home work and we all loaded up and went bowling at Sooner Bowl. We had such a fun time, B loved bowling, she kept wanting to go again and again. Will won... I can't forget to mention that, he never wins, I'm so bummed he did. My game was off. We went to eat at Qdoba and Jack snuck off to go on a hotdate. He's such a cute kid, be good cute kid!!

last day of spring break for this hotmess

she had to wear this headband - she likes to accessorize her hair like her aunt teetay

I'll prob never be able to get this look again hairwise unless my niece comes back to visit

Friday evening after work I headed straight to HeyDay to play putt putt with my brother Steve, nephew Zach, Zach's friend Colby, my nieces Sadie & B and my sister Chandra. I got there a tad late but honestly it didn't matter because I'm pretty terrible and was tapping golf balls into fountains & ponds almost right off. After the game, the boys were tired from their day of fun with the girls and headed back south. Us girls decided to go get some dinner at Louie's, it's so nice to have girl time with them. After dinner, I was pretty tired since the days leading up to Friday were full of fun and work with little sleep so we all parted ways.

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  1. I can't believe how grown up Sadie is. Also, I want a hair wand too.