Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Lake Texoma Weekend

This can only be one person... johnny go


Home is good for the soul, I can't say it's good for my health, because there's usually too much beer involved, but most of the time it's just worth it. We headed down Friday night after Wills finished packing or whatever the heck that took him so long to get on the road. We loaded up the bicycles, shoba and stopped by chick-fil-a for dinner. We made it to his mom's who wasn't there, so we just hung out for a while with Chaos & Coca. We got bored after an hour or so and realized his mom wouldn't be back from the concert she was at until late. We called up Johnny and hung out with him & Whitney for the evening. We played foosball and I started to feel drunk, which isn't something that frequents often, and it's usually never a goal of mine so once I start feeling that way I pull a houdini and eject myself from the public. I can be buzzed/tipsy all day every day, but drunk isn't a good look for me. I hear stories all the time about how people can't remember the night, or go black out and that's just something I don't want to ever happen (again). It has happened a few times in my past and I feel shameful of what I said/did or don't know that I said/did. It's just an uncomforting feeling. Anyway, basically I made a move back to Wills and went to bed. He got home later and before we knew it, we woke up and it was Saturday.

everything seems to look so much bigger when you are younger

cute little kitty was getting tired from watching us

Saturday we were up and ready to start the day, the weather was absolutely gorgeous. Will's mom traveled to Dallas for the day so we ended up just hanging out together, nothing new ;). We got lunch at Simple Simons where we talked to a really nice girl who was hanging out there about Shoba and wolves. I took a spin around town, I generally do this everytime but I'm always alone, I usually drive by the house I grew up in, the schools and by my mom. I've never once taken anyone with me, but this time I showed Will where my mom was burried, a bit crazy we've dated 6 years now and it's never happened. This is how I know I'm finally letting him in, I'm letting the walls come down and I'm fully putting faith in what we have going. When this thing started and even for the longest time it was never about seriousness, raw emotions or a future. Now, we're at a point that we are more secure about the whole relationship, we still have a LOT of fun, maybe too much, but it's not all just irresponsibility and living like it's our last day and not being real. I don't know, it's cool. After we left town, we rode our bikes around soldier/caney creek then we went by Al's new house and scoped all the new renovations. We rode back to Wills house, then decided to take Shoba on a walk around the boatramp. They have a trail/wooded area that we let him roam freely and he loves it. No leash = happy dog, which also means no leash = wet dog. Shoba sprinted around the woods, through the mud and into the water several times. He's a mess, but you probably have to be a "dog person" to understand this, but his happiness really makes us so happy. We love him. We went back to the house until about 5 in the evening, but then finally got a tad bored with eachother. We love eachother but get real, we live together, we see plenty of eachother. haha. We got stuff ready for a cookout, Cousin Fernandez and I prepped cream cheese jalapenos while Whit made chili and grilled hot dogs. Billingsley played for us, Wills and I challanged people to beersby, foosball & beer pong and basically won the beer olympics. It was fun. Whitney and I went to the beer garden for about 20 minutes to say Happy Birthday to Jaime, then went back to her place for cheap fun :).

Me and B are like THIS!

the kid was SO tired

Sunday, we got up and immediately got in touch with my sister because we had made plans to have lunch with her. We met her little family at their house then since Chandra remembered Will likes Chinese on Sundays, we drove to the local Chinese joint. Butttttt, they were closed. Lame. So, we "settled" for mexican food... It was good. We went back to their house until about 5 then we headed north. We love hanging out with them, they really are just pleasant people to be around. Shoba REALLY loves bk, he's so protective of her, he doesn't love when I give her lovins, he thinks I'm hurting her or something, little runt be crazy. (to clarify, my dog, not my niece)

On another note, I have a bit of a prayer request for you guys reading this, it's no secret that there is some addiction in my family/friend life, addiction to different things that don't necessarily need to be mentioned and it's not even just one particular person, however, I see a lot of brokeness and pain that comes with it. I whole heartedly believe that addiction is a disease, it can be cured and I don't think it's an easy situation to deal with. I believe that addiction takes a lot of faith in a higher power, a lot of determination, organization of priorties and support from others. So if you have some time and can send up some prayers on that note, it would be much appreciated. Til next time, have an awesome week, I know I will, my hot boyfriend is taking me to Bush tonight. Toodles!

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