Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Music makes my world go around, what does it for you?

As expected, I woke up this morning feeling full, no not from the late night taco bell Will talked me into at almost midnight, but full in the sense of complete. Complete because Bush was reeeeally good last night. I pumped myself up yesterday listening to Bush radio on pandora, then got home and got dressed in my 90's grunge look, unfortunately, that wasn't hard. I may own a lot of flannels, beanies and boots, so it's not exactly work trying to take on that look. My response: you can't ever have too many boots, hats or flannels. They are my go to items when I want to dress comfy cute. However, I'm not sure I pull off the comfy cute. I do find if you stand in front of your skinny mirror, turn the lights on super bright first thing in the morning while your man is still in bed, then ask him if he thinks you look cute, he'll tell you yes a good four times in a row (then he'll tell you to turn off all of the lights)  which is just the right amount to make you feel like you can pull off comfy cute. Anyway, I got home from the longest work day ever - or so it seemed - made us a healthy dinner and then sang bush at the top of my lungs until it was time to go. We got to the diamond ballroom (which may be the dirtiest venue in OKC) which was super packed and found Paris. We all had so much fun, there was a moment we all became extremely starstruck and once that happened it lasted until the end of the night. Who would've ever thought I'd be standing right in front of Gavin Rossdale as he walking throughout the entire crowd singing? Well, I tell ya, I NEVER would have thought that. Bush was a success, thanks for taking me babertz, so glad we both love the same shit.

Clearly, after we all just had Gavin right by us..

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