Monday, March 30, 2015

Shufflin, cookout & hangin' at Toby's

It's just another manic Monday, wish it was Sunday, because that's my fun day... I thought this when I was snoozing my alarm for an entire hour this morning. Friday night, I made us some yam muffins for this week and relaxed a little around the house. We wanted to play some shuffle board so we met up with our friends at Louies west side. It was a pretty chill night and just what I wanted & needed after a long week.

Probably the best people ever at shuffle board!

we're more foosball people ourselves, although we ain't bad at beersby ;)

Saturday morning we had trail running/biking with Shoba on our agenda. I am pretty addicted to trail running, I don't know why it comes as a surprise since I enjoy hiking so much. Will rides his mountain bike and Shoba runs with mom. He did so well last weekend when we ran 3 miles I knew he could do 6. I began to feel bad for him on mile 5, where mile 5 gave me the runner chills and euphoria I needed, it was tiring him out and I was pulling him along and talking him through the last mile. We made our way back up the trail to finish and he was ready to jump in the car. Trail runs are very exciting, tons of tough hills, switchbacks and dodging trees. Shoba also likes to make sudden stops and will sometimes pull me back if Will is too far behind us, as I said very exciting. After we got finished with our run, Will and I bonded over small talk about important things like jobs, finances and our future. Which generally isn't a topic of interest on any car ride for us since I'm more of a "lock it up and turn the stereo up please" kind of gal. We stopped to get stuff to make 7 layer dip for the cookout we were going to. I wasn't that impressed with my 7 layer but whatev, we headed to Em & Jarrins and played a lot of beersby and ate good that night. We met friends at Joe's because it was his last night open and ended the night with Louie's and then NY pizza. We got home that night and slept in a really late with Shoba.

I was feelin' pretty successful after my first full week of bootcamp, running & workout classes when I woke up on Saturday!

Sunday morning/afternoon was pretty relaxing, we got up and went and got the stuff that we left at Emily & Jarrins house, and of course I still didn't leave with all of my stuff, go figure. From there we went to purchase a baby sprinkle gift, it gave me a glimpse of what it might be like when I become pregnant, we were just two people looking at eachother in confusion when it came to what type of diapers I should choose. Fun fact: I didn't realize that the average parents go through at least 10 diapers a day. Meaning one hundred diapers only last you 10 days, that's a little cray. Anyway, Will and I parted ways and I was headed to Toby Keith's house for the baby sprinkle. I'd met Toby before, I didn't think he'd be at a shower, I'd met Trish (Toby's wife) before and I didn't think she would be around for the shower, however, I'd never been inside of their home before. I was ok driving out to thieir home, that is until I got to their gate. I felt my stomach turn when I saw the code box and after trying to decide if I should just turn around and go home I decided to call my bosses wife for help. I think I was fearing that someone hadn't received my rsvp and if I pushed that button and gave them my name I'd be rejected. Luckily, Kim helped me out and told me exactly what to do and the gate was slowly opening. I drove up the drive, parked my car in front of the house and nervously/anxiously just walked inside like I'd been there a time or two. I think growing up poor and being in  a millionaire's home made me super nervous. I mean I'm the clumsiest person I know and I was so shaky I thought I was going to break a dish or break something just walking. The home and shower were gorgeous, every little detail was absolutely perfect and so was Beth in her pregnant bliss. She is such a gorgeous pregnant momma, and she is such a great mother to Dylan and I know she will be the same for baby Quincy Jane. Excited to meet baby Quincy in May. The rest of the evening was spent with babertz watching Secret & Lies, that show makes me have a mini heart attack every time I watch it. Now we are preparing for a new week full of lots of planning, Will's family will be up and we will be spending Easter in Moore this year. His grandmother turns 85 on Saturday and we have a big party planned and have a lot of things to get done this week as far as our house goes.

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