Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Life is good

Wills got a job and started yesterday morning! It's nice to be back to the normal in our house, there for a while it was a little overwhelming but now it's back to smooth sailing. Over the weekend rather than celebrate too hard, it was just nice to finally decompress and chill the fuck out about everything going on. The storms brought a lot of hail damage to our area which happened to hit all of our vehicles, that's never fun, but it sure is job security for me so you won't hear me complain. This is a total "grownup" post about jobs and I see the words formulating into boring jibberish real quick. So rather than bore you with any work talk, future planning talk, I'll just finish this off with life is good! Will & Shoba were able to pry me out of bed on Sunday. We had a delicious brunch and then went to look at plants.Also, I sent out a text msg to my friends who are lovely mothers and was even able to get on social media and admire others post about their mothers, it's actually a first in years that I even got out of bed much less the other stuff, so I'd say it's improvement. So Will, thank you for being patient on days like Sunday and dealing with my rollercoaster emotions and ridiculous actions while I still continue to deal with life without my mom around. You are a trooper and you get me, thank you for that. Happy month of May!

I feel like you can see it on our faces, the happiness that comes with Will's new job!

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