Thursday, May 28, 2015

Year 29

Went Skydiving

Ran another Half Marathon



Kings of Leon

New Mexico Roadtrip

New BFF’s Emily & Jarrin

Celebrated Amanda’s 30th in Dallas

Celebrated my papa’s 90th

Celebrated Shoba’s 2nd

Went to my first same sex wedding celebration, what a fun couple

Threw a surprise party for Will’s 30th

Had a nice weekend getaway with Will in San Antonio

Celebrated the marriage of two of our friends Travis & Juaco

Banked on my first ever garage sale

Became addicted to trail running

Became more active in attending church

Read 4 books (should have read more)

Learned some piano (thank you Luke Wells)

My 29th year was so amazing. I gained a lot of knowledge about myself. I dug deeper to feel, and when I say I feel, I mean really feel. I became more open about myself, my past and where I want to be as a person in my future individually and in my relationships. I think that’s huge because often I hold back a lot and that causes a lot of problems. I also gained and became so much closer in my friendships, so cliché to say, but I’m #blessed in my friendships. I feel like I have a group of girls that I can really depend on and if they ever needed me they know I'm in their corner. There were some family hardships that had me on my knees praying and in the end my family and myself personally became stronger through it all. I witnessed so many friends & family find true happiness and it was pretty beautiful. I let go of some secrets I'd been hiding and discovered some that had been hidden from me, literally feel like that really helps us all feel better about being honest in our mistakes and admitting that we're human. I believe that 29 was one of the best years of my life and I have to thank God for answering my prayers asking to help me admit my faults, teardown the walls I’ve had built up emotionally for so long and be faithful that life would be better once I did that. I also learned to say I'm sorry to others if I hurt their feelings, I've learned how to stand up for myself without being a jerk about it and I learned to let go of the situations I have no control over. I tried fixing the situations I did have control of and I now understand there is always room for improvement on my part.  I just grew a lot emotionally over the past year. I used to worry about others so much that I didn't have time to figure myself out, but I've realized I will never be able to make everyone else happy by my actions, I realized it's me that I'd rather work on then them. And I used to think that was such a selfish thing, to worry about my life before others, but now I realize it's relevant.  I’m actually looking forward to 30!

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