Thursday, June 11, 2015

lake, getting older and the freakin' stones

“Gosh, getting older sure makes it harder to keep up with things!” – said anyone who is elderly.

Well, well, well, guess what? That quote from every old person holds some truth, from the last days of 29 and moving forward to 30, I have been incredibly busy. Busy having fun that is. I also hear a lot that the next few years will be some of the best. At first, I wondered why anyone would say that and what they meant by it but I’m figuring it out. I think it’s because by your late 20’s, you are really doing things for yourself. You (i) have finally grown into who I have been molded into as an individual. Mistakes and all. (and believe me, there have been numerous mistakes) I know what I love, who I like to surround myself with and what I find fun. And all of those things combined make me incredibly happy. And busy. Busy being happy and having fun, which isn’t a problem by any means at all. I cannot tell you how cool it is to have a guy who enjoys the same shit as me. I'm a girl who has a bit of a filthy mouth, loves the outdoors, a girl who gets super awkward when people get angry with her, a person who has inappropriate jokes, loves coffee, loves her dog, loves her boyfriend, makes an ass load of mistakes, who can't get enough of traveling and making new memories with her Will-dids. Over the past few weeks we have kayaked Lake Texoma because the water was super high because of the rain, traveled to Austin for the first time together and watched the Rolling Stones live for the first time together.

First things first, (I’m the realest) Lake Texoma was a lot different than the past few years. The water was up and so was the humidity. Will, Shoba and I decided we’d take the kayaks. (that’s right my dog was thinking the exact thoughts we were, what can I say? He’s smart) Will & I opted to bring a DIY’r game of giant beer pong made with plastic buckets and glow bouncy balls. We played this & bags all weekend long. The nights were filled with seeing old friends and hanging out with our crew.

Honestly though, jellies & a vintage bag... you can't keep up with this swag.. or something

The following weekend, a group of my friends helped me celebrate 30! It was SO much fun. I couldn’t imagine celebrating with a more legit group.  There were dance offs, uber singalong sessions, good eats, lots of laughs, great company, a turtle named Shelly, and a piñata. Will spoiled me with cocktail corndogs for my birthday dinner (my choice), a jumbo banner with me & shobey on it, and a bag I couldn’t live without that I spotted in an antique shop. I love that man. I was basically spoiled with gifts and cakes by everyone. I love my friends.


This is what the inside of my guy's job plant looks like..
Me: So Will, what are those things?
Will: good question, not real sure

Fast forward to last weekend, we celebrated Em’s 28th birthday with good food at Yamato. We got up early Saturday, went to Will’s work picnic – super cool by the way, those Hitachi people sure take care of their employees – then headed to Texas to see the Stones. Keith, Mick, Charlie, Ronnie…. You guys are amazing. We danced a LOT during the show! And yes, Will did his best Jagger, which is always the BEST Jagger version. (we're also going to travel to see the guys at the end of the month, they were that good) Sunday, we were YES people, so we had brunch with our Dallas friends, which progressed into foosball after, and getting lost (twice) trying to find our favorite place to eat on the way home.… oops!

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