Monday, June 15, 2015

Relaxing Weekend with Shoba & Babertz

Weekends of go go going do tire us out every once in a while, so we opted to keep it low key. We leave for vacation in 19 days (not that I’m counting or anything- TOTALLY counting) so we are trying to spend a lot of time with Shobey. Ok, I know you guys love your animals, but like we love LOVE shoba. I seriously have not had a better dog EVER. He’s legit. We decided to skip the movie date we had planned Friday night and opted to go to the Plaza District and walk with Shoba while having beers. It did rain a little on us, but a little rain won’t bring us down. Unless of course, you are like me and ate a breakfast sandwich from Starbucks and were feeling the early signs of food poisoning. By the time we made it home I was puking my dinner up all over our front yard. L No bueno. The remainder of the night was spent in and out of the bathroom.

Saturday morning, we had breakfast, then hit up Junk Hippy Show at the fairgrounds. We came home with a piece of artwork Will has been eyeing for a while, a plate and a terrarium. We napped with Shoba a bit then celebrated the gorgeous Michele’s 29th birthday at the Loony Bin. I LOVE that place. Like, I want to go there everyday for forever. I just love laughing. People who can make other people laugh are my favorite kinds of people. We got home fairly early for a night out, early is always nice especially when you aren’t really expecting it, I had a sassy pickle and Will put up our new picture before bed.

I'm ALWAYS trying to buy me some green dishes, and they always be SO expensive :( 

Sunday morning, we were early risers; we got up for another breakfast date, and then drove around to scope out a new kayaking spot. We found the place in Rivendell, where we were afraid we’d get called out since we didn’t live there. (didn’t happen, score!) We were on a mission to teach Shoba how to kayak. We worked with him for an hour and a half and he managed to sit while I kayaked us around the pond for about 30 minutes. He got on Will’s kayak but they both flipped that bitch. The remainder of the time Shoba swam along Will’s kayak pulling Wills around. I wanted a snocone, so we stopped for snocones before going to see Amber since Will needed a trim. His hair is looking more and more schwartzy today compared to yesterday. My boyfriend is handsome, at least, I think so. Summer breeze Sundays are back for our little family so we were excited to stop at Fuzzy’s for dinner on the patio then listen to live music at Lion’s park. Fuzzy’s was bomb (when is it not?) but someone from the bigwigs of summer breeze decided to move the venue to an indoors venue. It didn’t rain, but “they” thought it was going to. We walked Shoba at the park then looked at the clouds while all resting on a blanket. Our Summer time Sundays are better than yours ;) . Just kidding, but ours are pretty perfect. 

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