Monday, July 27, 2015

Celebrating Love, girls mont night & Sunday evening with my guys

Friday was a little rushed throughout the day because I knew I had somewhere to be after work. We had plans to go to Emily & Jarrin's engagement party and I didn't want to be late. Naturally, I was, whats new? But the point is, I was planning on not being late. Will & I got dressed up and headed to Edmond. Jarrin's sister Tara was hosting it and her new home is absolutely gorgeous. It was a fun night with food, sangria and laughter as we celebrated the newly engaged couple. We love you Emily & Jarrin and cannot wait to watch you two get hitched! After we left there, we headed over to friends with a couple of our friends and danced and sang along with the live band.

Since we didn't celebrate national tequila day on Friday, Will & I went to a new tequila bar and restaurant called Puebla . The spicy pork tacos were delicious, along with their guacamole & spicy margarita. Will sipped on tequila and had a couple of beers. We will be going there more often, Will and I are in search of our favorite tequila and we have been curious of all of the differences. Trying to become tequila enthusiasts if you will.. It's a fun new thing we have developed since visiting Mexico. As we were walking around Main Street, I decided we would need to see if we were able to win a free beer at the garage while playing beer ball (aka skee ball) we played, and I won a coors light! Yay! It's funny how much pride I get over winning a beer in the middle of the day after a handfull of spicy margaritas. After we ate and played we went to Eric & Michele's pool to swim. We soaked up the sun, I got to try out a mermaid flipper (which is incredibly hard for a person who has to use one hand to hold her nose) and got plenty of laughs in. After the pool, the guys went to our patio and cooked out while me & Michele geared up for a mont night. We got there a tad late (imagine that, me, late) and got our swirl & grub on. Mont nights with the girls are always fun and full of crazy stories. We ventured from the mont to Louies, where my age played in to my drinking game, I got a migraine that was making my time miserable and I hated that because I don't get a good girls night often. We walked over to Logies where the migraine continued, I tried to shut it up with a couple of shots, three excedrin and even some water, but it just wouldn't go away. :( I hitched a ride home with Em and Will came and picked me up. As soon as I made it to our house, I took more meds for the headache and got my sleep on.

Sunday was a day full of napping with Shobes, sometimes we just like to relax like that. Wills and I did go to Fuzzy's with Shobey, where he had a taco and then instead of going to Summer Breeze we walked Shoba around OU where we showed Shoba all the buildings that Will took classes in. I love hearing Wills talk about his OU days, it makes me so proud of his hard work, I love my smart handsome boyfriend. We made our way back home where we stayed up too late watching a very slow movie on tv, my guess is that it was on the lifetime channel, that channel wears me out, it's like they can't ever edit their movies to a normal movie time of an hour and a half, their movies are seriously like 3 hours long! Needless to say, it was way too late for us to be up on a "work night".

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