Friday, July 17, 2015

Vacations all I ever needed..

Well, hello there sunshine! It's been a while...

I think (?) I mentioned that on Christmas eve Will & I were gifted with a trip to Mexico. We found out a few months ago that on top of the original 5 day trip we were being gifted an additional two days to be spent in Cancun. Talk about luckkky!?! I couldn't be more thankful. Really. I praise the people who gifted this trip to us and I get emotional a little when I think about how humble the two of them are. I have came across some really awesome people in my life, and these two are definitely up there on the list. I think God has strategically placed certain people in my life since my mom has been gone and I feel very fortunate in regards to that matter. The man upstairs knows what he's doing!

So a little about vacation... the plane rides really stunk and the group we were a part of all laughed at me :( haha. I'm a weird flyer. Like, it's not fun for me. I don't get anxiety, that is until you get me on a plane. We had a really great group going and I was really trying to hold it together... yeah, well that didn't work out so well. Nevertheless, we arrived in Mexico on July 4th. Our driver pulled into our five star resort and we were greeted with bubbly and a cool towel and I felt fancy. Sidenote: I've never in my life stayed in a 5 star resort We were then driven to the VIP check in, where there fruits, snacks and more champs available while we were given a brief description of the resort amenities. From there, our group begin a short tour of the place. It was gorgeous! We all went to our individual swim up suites and unpacked. As I was unpacking, I begin to cry a little and told Will how grateful I was. He laughed at me a little but I mean growing up poor, working my butt off from fourteen years old into adulthood, sometimes holding 3 jobs and going to school (touring schools) at the same time, when you get gifted a trip like we did and by someone who did it because they appreciated me, in that moment put things into perspective for me. I mean these people just wanted to give me a gift of happiness and that they did. Will and I were go go go the entire time. I ran with a few people in our group in the mornings, we played a ton of volleyball, we went parasailing, we rented speed boats and took a lagoon/jungle tour, we played pingpong, I sang karaoke, Will won a motorized boat contest, we won a horseshoe tournament, we swam some and jumped ocean waves. Will and I ventured into town in both places we stayed just to get a little local color. We definitely made the most of our trip!

As we were flying back home, I reflected our trip. I felt again very lucky. New experiences had happened for me, I was able to explore a new place, meet new people, get better acquainted with the people in our group and make new memories. It made me really appreciate my journey in this life a little more. I thanked God for the people he had placed in my life again and again.

With all of that said, I had been considering another trip. A trip that was going to involve some of my closest friends, a trip that guaranteed new memories and a chance to explore a new place. However, something and someone close to my heart was on my mind. I recently made some additional money that would ensure that I would be able to go on this trip I speak of. As I reminisced the trip I was just on, I made a decision that I'm certain will not be a regretful one. Instead of using the additional money on ME, I have decided to put it towards something and someone else. My hope and wish is that with what my money will be going towards, this precious girl will benefit greatly from. I pray that she will be able to explore new places, meet new people and make fun memories of her own, because she deserves it. I hope that if you get anything from reading this post, that you understand this, I love new things, new experiences, traveling, etc. but I love watching my niece experience new things, explore new places and make memories of her own MORE. My heart told me or maybe it was God, either way, I felt like I was being told that I would gain a whole hell of lot more knowing that my help might give my niece more opportunities in her life  & journey and open new doors for her.

Vacations all I ever needed.. to relax, rejuvenate and gain a better perspective.

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