Friday, August 28, 2015

a MEANingful post if you will..

mean girls: Girls who are bullies and use "girl aggression" (nasty comments, trickery, deceit, excluding people from events, spreading rumors, stealing boyfriends,etc.) to manipulate other girls. - Also, a really good movie!!!

I don’t know why I even urban dictionary’d that, I mean I knew what a mean girl was but I guess I just had to be sure. So now that I’m sure, let’s talk about how I had a very bruce jenner/Caitlin moment this morning. No I don’t want to physically be a male, but I do think like one, and when something affects me physically or emotionally, I generally approach the situation as a man would. This is probably because my best friends have always been dudes, I have two older brothers, 5 nephews, I moved in with my dad when I was 15ish, the list goes on.. anyway, so I’m guessing growing up like that gives me more of a male “take or approach” on things. Sidenote: there’s not one other woman working for the company that I work for, I’ve been here 8 years and it’s the happiest I’ve ever been at a job. Also, when we went on vacation in July, I was asked if I ever just like to relax, like layout in the sun, have cocktails, and just not be so involved in a game… to answer this, I mean I do, I just don’t prefer it. With all of this said, I will say this over and over again, just because I may seem heartless, insensitive, selfish because my hobbies involve being outdoors and seem careless because of my approach to things, doesn’t mean that I actually am. I still have a heart, I still get my feelings hurt every once in a while. When I hurt I don’t get sad so much, but more so frustrated and more on the mad side. I don't talk about it, I just take it out by going on a run, or drinking beers with the Ahtone guys or punching a wall - actually, I've never punched a wall, I just felt that would be the description of what a guy might do next haha. 

Mean girls I’ve dealt with in my life, mostly in high school, one story that stands out to me the most is when my mom was dying, I was dealing with an eating disorder I obviously didn’t have a handle on and this mean girl made fun of me being too skinny and then made out with my boyfriend. – Also, my boyfriend at that time was clearly a stand up dude to do that right? Haha. But again, this is all high school… so mean girls, oh I get mean girls, it’s just a shame that some of those mean girls grow up to be mean women.

I guess this post is just to get the point across that I don't think mean girls are cool. So mean girls/women, by all means, please don’t let me fall victim of your mean girl/women actions. Pick on someone else; I don’t have a lot of time to waste on bad energy. - Take some advice from my friends John, Paul, George and Ringo, they once "told" me, all you need is love. I think those guys are on to something... Just please don't try to break my spirit because you are feeling broken in some way. To all the mean girls/women reading this, two things:  
1 ... Teach yourself to recognize your hurtful words and actions, teach yourself to admit when you are in the wrong and be aware of when its time to apologize for something that you have done or said that’s hurtful. In just doing that, you allow yourself to grow as a person and accept your faults and move forward without building up more bitterness or resentment.


2... Put good energy out, get good energy back. – it’s a beautiful cycle

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