Monday, August 10, 2015

Aunt's my favorite so far...

I've been called a lot of names, some good, some bad, some fun, some sad, by Aunt is my favorite so far... Sadie is in town visiting us right now! She likes to come up when she gets a break from school, so since she starts school back on Wednesday, we decided we better get her up to the city for visit. She's been busy with her job at Sonic, cheer and friend fun over the summer. But I LOVE when she comes to visit. She reminds me a lot of me when I was younger, I think it's because we come from similar shitty situations, both losing our moms at a young age and having dads who weren't present and around much. She is definitely way beyond her years when it comes to emotional situations, they both are actually, again, I think this is because both girls have lost a parent at such a young age.They don't seem to sweat the small stuff or deal with drama. She seems to have good judgement on her friendships and stays out of trouble. I just love her. Anyway, she & her friend Jessie are up right now visiting and yesterday Wills, Sadie, Jessie & I made our way to Flat tide Okc to do some stand up paddle boarding. As expected, I now want a paddle board. Wills and I have discovered a new place to kayak and the small town girls loved trying out something they had never heard of or done before. We stopped for tacos at Yucatan in bricktown, it's basically a more expensive Fuzzys. The girls really liked walking around bricktown but it was hot as hell. After tacos, we headed back to Moore, the girls passed out on th way home. They napped once we got home and Wills & I worked on one of Wills work projects. He's such a hard worker, and he's very driven to perfect his work. See that's the difference between he & I, he's a perfectionist, I'm more of a simple problem solver. But I suppose that's why he needed my help, he needed to make something that was complicated into a less complicated matter, funny though because honestly it was complicated to make it uncomplicated even for me. We brainstormed for a couple of hours, then decided to take a break, we decided to take the girls to summer breeze. It's fun to introduce new places and things to people who have never experienced them, we watched the girls sit in awe as the people watched. They watched hippies dance with hula hoops and enjoyed the atmosphere of the park that we were listening to live music in. They had their phones out making videos and I even heard one of them say that if there were more people who enjoyed music like we did then the world would be a happier place.

30 year olds 1 , teenagers 0

Shoba napped all weekend in the a/c

I finished more paintings

Wills surprised me with h20! holla! 

Summer Breeze '15

Meanwhile all my little nephews are enjoying life and making mistakes and learning from them right now. I've kept in touch with them and shared a lot of long talks about what I've learned from my mistakes so far. I hope you stinky boys know that your aunt jeri kaye has made plenty of mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes get you down and in shitty moods and you lose some friends or what you thought were true friends, but what I was always able to rely on is a family that loved me through the tough shit. I hope you guys know that I will ALWAYS be around to talk to, love you regardless and do whatever I can to make you get in a good Ahtone joke.

I love all my nieces & nephews SO much. I see them go through the good and bad and I am happy that they know I'll always be here not judging them, because if there is one thing the Ahtone family is it's loyal and non judgmental. I share with these kids my crappy mistakes and pray that they learn from mine. But if they don't and find themselves feeling down because of a shitty situation, I'll always be a phone call away!

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