Monday, August 3, 2015

Date nights, Running & Reggae festing!

Friday night date night was great with Wills & Shoba. We window white tent pop up shopped at industry flea, made our way over to H&8th to listen to Kiersten White play then ran into a group so we walked over to Bleugarten for a little bit. Thanks Michele again for introducing Kiersten to us, she's a very talented chick. Got home a little later than I had planned but I was wide awake so I worked on some of my painting projects.


Saturday morning I woke up around 5:30, Paris made her way to my place then we stopped  by to get KC to head to Nichols Hills Plaza to run with the Landrunners. Love running with that goup of running girls  I have. I always feel very connected with these girls. I think it's awesome to have a group of friends who lift eachother up. We all run at different paces, all run for different reasons but we all encourage eachothers running and we have a bond that connects our souls (soles ha). We had coffee after at Starbucks, where we set on the patio while playing catchup while laughing and joking. Much love to my running sisters, you all have my heart! - We missed the ones who didn't make it, and I felt terrible because it was a last minute plan and I didn't get a chance to let ALL of my running friends know ahead of time. After the run, Paris and I stopped at KC's hung out in the garage chatting a little more. Paris and I headed back and hung out talking to Wills on the patio once we got home. Wills and I went to brekky later that morning, and the rest of the afternoon was me working on my paintings. I like to paint, although, I do tend to get focused and don't like to be distracted while painting. I guess I just need a little "me" time so painting while listening to music does that for me sometimes. I eventually came to a stopping point and we decided to go see Amanda & Kevin so that I could celebrate her birthday and spend a little time with them since we don't always get that opportunity. We went to Kevin's mom's place where there were lots of laughs, we love Scott & Suzanne, great people! Time got away from us since we were having a good time but we had made plans to meet up with a few of other friends at the Reggae fest, so we went back to Kevin & Amandas and left from there. We made our way to the fest where we enjoyed listening to the happy music! We finally got in touch and found the other half of the group at Captain Norms. We talked briefly with them before they had to head back, and we all went our separate ways. We found ourselves at the biting sow, our favorite bricktown hole in the wall, cheap beer, live music and dancing happens there. We uber'd back to Kevin & Amanda's had pizza and I stayed up entirely too late talking to Amanda. Guess that happens when you go from seeing one of your friends almost every weekend to them moving to the north side and not getting to anymore. Basically I just don't shut up and we play a lot of catch up.

I laughed when I looked up in the mirror as I was about to begin painting, apparently I felt the need to dress like a legit painter in all white... ha

Here's a start to the new project, I'm going to paint album covers of some of our favorite bands and we will put them on the ceiling of our patio awning so you can look up and admire - or hopefully admire? ha

Sunday morning/afternoon was filled with more painting and hanging around the house. Will was feeling nice since I was in a bummed out mood  about a few things and decided to take me on a date for the evening. I love him. He gets me, he knows when things bother me, he knows how I hate showing it, but he knows it when it's happening so he goes out of his way to let me know he's there and cares. I like that teammate part about him, he has my back and cares about me, and I hope he gets that feeling from me. I mean let's get real, we can joke around all day every day, we don't have to be around each other all of the time, or have date nights even weekly, bi-weekly or once a month, we sometimes go months without those because we do love spending time with all of our friends as a group. But I will say every once in a while it's a nice gesture of him especially when I'm not in the best of spirits.

Kissing fish on our date night, geez get a room ;)

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