Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Friday night, we got in a little patio/paint time with Travis, Keifer & Courtney. I had to be in bed fairly early since I had to run early Saturday morning. It was nice to hang low though and catch up with those three. We listened to Kiefer play his ukelele while we talked and laughed with those three.

Saturday morning came early, and so did the 6 miler. But its always cool to have a running partner. I barfed because I didn't eat dinner Friday night and didn't drink enough water :( - never again, I also think it's because my bedroom window is right beside our patio so there was a lack of sleep. So basically my run was crappy. I got about halfway through and then told KC I felt pukey, about 2 more minutes into running and I had to make a stop to barf. No good. I hate when I slow other people down, but it was nice to walk a little and talk about what's going on in our lives. I think we both needed that. After our brutal 6 mile run, we made a small starbucks stop and then headed back to Moore. We both had things we needed to get done back on the homefront. I got back to the house, Will and I had some breakfast and before we knew it, we were meeting Will's mom at our house so that we could all go kayaking. I'm pretty much addicted to getting out on the water on Saturdays. Something about being out in the open in nature, not glued to a damn phone, listening to music and bonding with the people I'm out on the water with. As I told Amanda & Paris last weekend, I just love to unplug and be out in fucking nature man. If you know me, you can probably hear me saying that.  We all took our kayaks out and then after headed to the mule for a late lunch on the patio. It was such a pretty day to be outside. After we got back to the house, we rushed around and then headed to an art fair. While there, we looked at jewelry and other cool things and caught the last bit of Kierston White & Camille Harp  playing, which is always a nice show. After that, we headed to the deli because one of my favorite bands was playing, we danced and sang to My So Called Band the rest of the night.

Sunday we celebrated Will's grandpa Tom's 90th birthday over lunch. After lunch, we took Shoba to a pooch pool party which was awesome. So many dogs, so many happy happy pups. If you aren't a person who likes dogs, I don't trust that you are a happy person in general. I left there teary eyed because there were two dogs that were still up for adoption and it made me sad to know that they weren't going home with "their humans". :(  In other news, I just started a new 12 week diet/workout program, which is exciting(ish), and since the 12 weeks program is broken down into 3- 4 week phases and because I've fallen in love with paddleboarding, I have decided to add a little motivational push for myself. After 4 weeks I will purchase a fanny pack life jacket, after 8 weeks I will buy myself a paddle board paddle, and after 12 weeks I will buy myself a paddleboard. A little incentive never hurt nobody. So far the diet isn't that tough, I've got tons of healthy recipes to work off of, I've made a turkey meatloaf, teriyaki chicken, chicken fajita wraps and homemade protein bars. Hopefully, everyday will flow smooth as far as the diet goes, but maybe not, here' s to hoping. At least now I have something I want to work hard for, paddle boarding is my shit right now. After the 12 weeks I will hopefully be in shape to begin my training for my next half & full marathon!

Buddy got in some love at the pool too - Buddy is our shop dog! 

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