Friday, August 14, 2015

Last night I met up with Tamara (my maytubby neighbor growing up) and a group of friends and we all went to the Shania Twain concert. Unfortunately, I was running a little late on getting off of work so there wasn't much pre-gaming for me. (probably best anyway ha) Gavin Degraw opened for her, I started liking him back when I was 17 after seeing him on Letterman. I saw him once when I was 18 I think at OU for jingle jam or some shit. *funny story: I actually held his hand while waiting to meet him* Anyway, I was excited to know he was opening for Shania. He is very talented, I think his voice is beautiful, he has good energy & he can play the piano. He played Chariot which is one of my favorites. I was bummed he didn't play Nice to Meet you anyway or Just Friends . Sidenote: I used to listen to Just Friends all of the time when I was 18-23ish because my boyfriend was always cheating on me but I didn't care, I loved him so much I was willing to forgive him for all of that and wanted so badly to be with him. I remember crying my little heart out, running to that song, etc. But that's what love does to people, it makes you listen to songs that remind you of your current situation whether it be good or bad, it makes you forgive, and just want to work things out regardless. Gavin did do a cover of Billy Joel & Bryan Adams which was cool. Tamara decided she is now a Gavin fan, and I was happy that we made it in time to see him. The main event aka Shania Twain was great! She played almost every song on her Come On Over album and she also played Whose Bed have your boots been under & No one needs to know right now . Seeing her brought back a lot of memories of Tamara, Tiffany, my sister & me hanging out in Chandra's room listening to a cheap tape player blaring Shania and us singing at the top of our lungs. Such a fun night!

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