Monday, August 31, 2015

Weekending like a boss.... or something

Weekends are my favorite, have I said that a time or two (or bajillion) before? Because if that's not clear let me just say it again, I LOVE WEEKENDS! Friday night, Will took me to dinner and a movie aka date night if you will. We decided on Straight Outta Compton and it was really good. I went home and did all kinds of research on the true story and could hardly stop reading to get sleep.

I got up super early on Saturday morning to go run with KC & Emily. I was surprised with a fancy bottle of wine with my face on it on my doorstep. Emily has figured out one of the coolest ways of asking someone to be her bridesmaid. It was very thoughtful and cute and of course I said yes to the new job description! I met up with KC & Emily and got in a 7 miler. I should prob consider running during the week more. I have been opting to cross train on my stationary bike instead of running, so lately it never fails, I get about halfway through the run and start feeling pukey. Luckily I didn't puke but I realized I just need to run during the week some so I can handle a Saturday run. KC & I went and got post run breakfast at Waffle Champion . The food was delicious and I went as healthy as I could there, plus I'm pretty sure they juice their bloodys there so they were super fresh and tasty. That afternoon, Wills and I rode the motorcycle to go grab a bite, stopped by Mooney's and realized that we missed out on a fun event, they were having the beer Olympics and it made us wish we had known and gotten our crew together to participate. Next year maybe, we'd definitely kick some ass. Wills and I played each other in foosball and I beat him, yep that's right I WON ;).  We loaded our bikes up that evening and met up with Scott, Suzanne, Foxhole & Amanda at the bleu garten for a quick beer. We had plans to do the Full Moon Bike Ride at the Myriad Gardens.The bike ride was really cool, foxhole had a speaker so we had jams, small talk, laughs and nine miles of exercise. We celebrated with some beers after at McNellie's afterwards. We ventured over to Fassler Hall for one beer before heading over to Kevin & Amanda's for a slumber party. We love them SO much, we always have good pointless conversation and foosball challenges.



Sunday morning we all got up and decided to go grab a bite. We to Tucker's which I'd never been before, it was so good! They even have a turkey burger option for all you non-beef eaters like me. That burger was damn good and I was full from it the rest of the day. I'll be going back though, it was tasty. The rest of the afternoon I watched a little tv with Shoba, then met up with Hank & Sam. I love those guys, we have some of the best conversation. It comes so easy for us, we talk about all kinds of things. We have committed to getting together once a week to work on certain things that we are all very passionate about. It's exciting, the plan we have come up with, and at the same time we will be bonding. I am ready explore the creativity that will be playing a huge part in our  weekly Ahtone meet ups.

So yeah, now that the weekend is over, we are trying to plan what we will do next weekend. We have plans to go to dinner with my dad for his birthday Friday night at Smokin' Joes but other than that we are pretty free. We are considering a getaway since we have the extra vacation day. We are sad we aren't going to the Gorge to see Dave but feel like it's smarter for us to stick closer to home.  We are wanting to visit Will's little sister soon so we will just plan on saving for that. We miss them much much lots much!

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