Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Celebrate good times come on!

 My weekend was full of trying to celebrate my babertz. Bossman let me out of work early, which never happens because we are usually crazy on Fridays, but he knew I had some serious plans for Wills. I ran by Ulta where I got Wills some cologne, it smells SO bomb. Took me an hour to pick which one I wanted to go with but hey, it did not dissappoint. I ended up getting him The One by Dolce & Gabbana   a scent that is woodsy and bold with a little spice... um I feel like I just described my boyfriend in three words. haha. Because he does love the outdoors, he's not afraid to break rules and be forward and of course he's a little spicy because he's mexican... haha. I went home and got pretty and as soon as he made it home he changed into some fancy clothes and we left the house. Poor guy didn't get home from work until 6:45 because his job is extremely demanding of his time.  Friday night could not have been better. We first stopped by Guyutes  in uptown Okc, what a great patio! We had a drink named fire on the pineapple & it was so tasty but then switched to the best tasting pumpkin ale I've ever had in my 30 years. We headed over to The Drake for our 9:00 p.m. reservation late dinner, it was actually the ideal time to go because we didn't have to rush for anyone after us. The food was delicious, we even got free dessert - lemon pie - since it was Will's birthday. We met up with Sammy & Hank for a quick drink after and then headed back home.

Such a handsome birthday boy

him too ;)

Saturday morning, we made coffee after sleeping in a little - first time we've slept in so long - and hung out with our Shoba. We went back and forth on whether to go camping at Turner Falls or meet up or go to campus. Because we got a late start, we ended up doing campus. We had pita pit for lunch then met up with some friends at a tailgate. We walked to Louie's after, however, we almost opted to go home before that or try meeting up with my cousin Tristan. We stayed, naturally, a lot of the people got wasted. I personally do not like feeling like I don't have control of myself or my situation so I opt not to get wasted. It's just not my thing. I have a handful of people who can vouch for me on that note, and I'm in no way saying I'm better than anyone it's just not a good look on me personally. I've been wasted a handful of times and only once with my group of friends here in the metro area, and I laugh now but it's definitely not something I'm happy about. (I save the wastedness for my creekrats...lucky ya'll?!?!) It grosses me out to think back at it a little ha. #weddingwasted #lookedlikethegirlfromthering  Not all people are like that and I can understand that, some people drink to be drunk, so they get wasted to forget their week/day/etc or just escape from a situation or perhaps even thoughts they are dealing with . I know for a fact that evening that my boyfriend was in the latter category because it was his birthday and because he has been working his ass off and has been stressed to the max with his workload. He has an amazing opportunity right now with his current job and with that said he hasn't gone into "Brie Mode" for months because he's been overwhelmed and extremely busy. (now for all of you who do not watch total divas, ya should)  He doesn't generally have more than a beer or two with dinner these days. So busy in fact that we usually have dinner together and then he is at it in his office with his head in the books. I think it's important to show him the support he needs right now and I'm obviously his biggest fan. Things were going really good and I think everyone was having a great time. So good in fact, I was able to get the opportunity to talk to one of my besties in private about something that might otherwise have required a different place or time. Buuuuuttt you know what "they" say, "if things seem too good to be true, they probably are".  Once we got finished talking, a lot seemed to have happened and things seemed to have gone sour quick with our absence. It seemed to have a bit of a domino effect, but there was a lot that I was unclear on and there were other things that I can learn from but most importantly prevent and avoid in the future. (you can always take a shitty situation- which I personally like to call a shituation, and learn from it, see the positive, reflect where you are, where the other people are who are involved and where you want to be ultimately and move forward, sometimes in shituations it's best to limit your words/thoughts and walk away, have control of yourself, think about it after the fact, so you know how to prevent the shituations from happening in the future, basically, lesson learned) That being said, Will's birthday evening did a 180. I will say that I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to discuss a topic with a girlfriend who is super important to me. #chalkituptolessonlearned

After we left campus, we decided to meet my cousin, we listened to an indie rock band at the Opolis. They were really good and it's always enjoyable when we get together with Tristan. I love him and love that now that we are older we have more opportunities to see each other more frequently. If you are ever interested in knowing about this guy and the stuff he writes about you should check him out here. He's an award winning writer, so obviously my blog is nothing like his writing style haha. He's over there making all Ahtone's proud and I'm over here just trying to write about different experiences in my life to the little Ahtone neices & nephews.

Shoba being gentle with his great grams

Sunday went much better than Saturday. We were up early, got Shoba ready for a day of fun. (because that's what you have to do with dogs, get them ready like a child) KC & Sutton came over and we all headed to Oklahoma City for the Regatta festivities. It was a beautiful day where we walked the boat district and then stopped at the Bleu Garten for lunch. Love those girls! After that, we went to Will's grandma's for cake, a later lunch, and then chores basically haha. We got to cut and haul off tree limbs for Will's family birthday celebration haha. We got back home and I was out the door again to meet my nephew and brother. Those two are my best friends besides Wills and my sister, so we planned to get together. I have been spending a ton of time with them and for important reasons, it's been really good for all of us. We played a little trivia and then did catch the end of some live music. Over the weekend I got Hank a gift of something small that has made a bit of a difference in my life the past seven or so months. I got him a Lokai bracelet. I love what these bracelets represent and I feel like I've tried to really let that same idea apply to my life since I learned about them. It's all about balance.

p.s. Speaking of KC, she will be running another marathon this week! She is running the 45th Infantry Brigade Combat Team Fallen Heroes Half Marathon . I'm sad I can't be there cheering her on the entire time, but since she is literally my bestie hero I have decided to put up signs and then meet her at the finish! Also, it's really cool that Michael (KC's first love who was killed while in Iraq) will be honored! If I haven't told you about Michael, it's probably because I can't talk about him without crying that guy touched everyone around him, and I'll tell you something else about that guy, he sure loved KC! Basically I'm so ready for my bestie hero to run this race while also honoring another bestie hero that I miss so dearly.  To know more about Michael go here.

On another note, it's my bosses birthday!!!!! He just sped off in a brand new porsche with a cool customer of ours actually. So what happens when it's his bday, he gets a shit load of smarties, his favorite! I'm so lucky to have him as my boss! I've always meshed well with Libra's, which is random I'm typing this but it's true! My ex was a libra, Will's a libra, a few of my co-workers are libras, my oldest brother is a libra, team libra/geminis! woo! haha.


  1. Thanks! I'm trying to make a few more, feel so bad they are running on a Friday when I'm working :( miss talk to ya girl!