Friday, October 9, 2015

KC kicks ass..

Listen, I have this (sole) sister who has been killing her training runs the last few months, so it's no surprise that she was pumped about her race this morning. I've had butterflies in my stomach for her all week long. If you are runner and run races, you totally know what I'm talking about when I say that. To me the best way to describe this feeling is by saying it's like when you start dating someone and you aren't quite to the 3 month mark of your relationship, where it's new, it's exciting, but it's an apprehensive time for you as well. You are giddy but nervous that something might happen that could ruin that feeling of being high on life. Anyway, I've been over here butterflyin'. I started making signs Tuesday night and finished the last ones last night at the Ahtone meet & greet. I called it an early night because I knew I would have to be up early to stake those babies in the ground before work.

Six o'clock came early but I got my butt up and instantly rushed to get the truck loaded and headed to the course. It's really dark at that hour but thank goodness for headlights and a calm course. I feel like some times when it's pitch black outside and I'm by myself I'm fearful of odd happenings taking place. I mean sometimes  I think to myself, where the hell is that taser my boss got me? One day I'm gonna get jumped and I'll be kicking myself in the ass for not actually carrying it around with me... But honestly, this morning while out there on the back roads, if anything I had more of a sense of peace. I hammered those things in the ground and as I looked up I saw someone I went to elementary school with on a banner, a boy I kissed on the lips in the 7th grade because we were playing truth or dare on the school bus coming back from a basketball game in Madill. I remember after that kiss that my lips tasted like bubble gum haha. (p.s. no it wasn't with the tongue you pervs, I was in the 7th grade and prude as fuhhhh) I felt my eyes swell up with tears and took a minute to remember him and how nice of a person he was and how crazy it is that his life ended so soon. All because he had made the sacrifice to go and fight for this country and for people like you and me. Then I started thinking of all these soldiers who were being honored in this race. I continued to drive the course stopping to take a minute with all 14 guys and the 1 woman honored on banners who made that same sacrifice. It was getting close to time for me to get to work but I was able to stop by and say hi to Kory, Michael's dad, and squeeze his neck before I got out of there. Needless to say, it was an emotional morning.
I got to see KC come up on mile 10, I ran her only hill with her, because I know how that shit goes, a hill towards the end of your race can be torturous. I gave her a "good game" booty slap and told her I'd see her in a few miles. Paris and I stood at the corner of her last mile and yelled for her. Chad looked at us like the crazy runner chicks that we are and we all laughed. I don't even want to say I'm impressed by how well she did because I KNEW she was going to kick ass. But obviously, I'm impressed by my friend and her hard work, and her time and dedication. She also put her life on hold after high school and went overseas, she chose to be over there because she cares about the general population. I remember when she and I were roommates, we took a roadtrip to Dallas once, we were driving back and I pretty much made her tell me every story or life experience she had over there. All I'm saying is my best friend just happens to be one of my heroes.

just looking at this photo gives me chills, she was the love of his freakin' life!!!!


Crossing the finish, but I was chillin at the corner so you can't see her time, she finished in 2:14

This is my, "but really, my bestie is better than yours"  look ;)
- Candice, in your case, you totally get what I'm saying here. haha

KC's fan club

Rest in peace to all 19 of the fallen heroes who were honored today. And thank you, thank you for fighting for a person like me who will never be able to repay you for the sacrifice you made to allow me to live so freely...

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  1. Very cool, very sentimental! Can only imagine what that actual atmosphere felt like!