Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Movie nights, afternoon dating & concerting with my friends

Friday evening, Will & I went out to the new Pei Wei in our hood and then to Moore Warren to watch a flick. We pretty much love Pei Wei so we're pretty excited about it being right down the road. We ended up watching Sicario , good movie just a little long. I mean I wish it was shorter, like they could have shut that shit down 45 minutes before they did. Regardless, good story. Like with all movies, my mind begins to wonder and sometimes it wonders itself into feeling the need to research subjects. With that said, let's move on to Saturday.

Saturday morning, Paris & I met at Starbucks on campus for a 4 miler. It's always nice to run there. I love how the trees swallow the streets and sharing that run with one of your besties is always special. We finished up and grabbed a latte and then parted ways. Wills had a meeting Saturday morning and as I mentioned earlier that I tend to do any type of research when something sparks my interest, I watched a documentary on the war on drugs. After feeling productive from my run & documentary, I felt the need to get out of the house and reward myself for my productivity and new found knowledge of drug cartels and the war on drugs so I went to drumrollllllll TJ MAXX. Wait, that's not where everyone goes when they feel smart and healthy?!? Well, whatever. I got a bajillion candles. I love candles, don't you?


Wills made it home and we took Shoba to the paseo district for a walk, some lunch and some shopping. We grabbed some delicious pizza at Sauced and while we were there we discovered Shoba made the second page of OKC Pets Magazine. So cool. With all the busy-ness in our home lately I knew I needed to grab something I ran out of while out window shopping. We stopped by Craig's Curious Emporium and I grabbed me a bundle of sage. (if you haven't been there you should go) We hung out at the pump for about 30 minutes just talking about pointless things. When we got back, I lit all my new candles, open the windows and read a couple of books I've just started. Side note: I'm currently reading Six Tires, No Plan and Don't Think about Monkeys .

this guy was worn out after our saturday afternoon

I obviously cannot master a selfie stick
oh just a little model gig after the piano bar saturday evening

Before I knew it, Paris & Carissa, my fellow sole sisters, (listen I know that nickname is a little annoying/cheesy but the thing is, I really always feel super connected to the girls I run with, they are all so beautiful and such unique women and we all connect on each and every run, or maybe that's just my take on it) made it over to the house. Carissa walked in and I'm pretty sure she thought our home was either a Catholic Church or that I was in the middle of doing a seance... I assured her it was neither but that I'm just obsessed with candles. I've said it before and I'll say again but I love how smells/scents trigger memories. That's my favorite part about candles. We were in a hurry so we skipped out pretty quickly. Will went on a bike night with our neighbor Paul and us girls went to the "Breaking Benjamin & Shinedown" concert. We got downtown, had a great time at the show and uber'd home. Can I just say that I feel like the Uber virginity taker? It's like this if you live in a small town and haven't uber'd, well I'm hear to say, you'll prob uber with me your first time. I will calm all of your worries of a uber driver being a murderer and we will get home safely. These two girls made me take my taser and pepper spray just in case...


Sunday morning Will and I got up early and had another breakfast date downtown. Seems like our cup of tea right now. While waiting on our table we walked to grab a coffee and walk around downtown while discussing our night our with friends. We got a call that our table was ready and we had the most delicious brunch at "kitchen no. 324" . We made plans to grab meat to have a family grill out with Shoba later that evening. We got home, I watched "pitch perfect 2", read a little, then opened all the windows and saged the crap out of our home. If you don't sage, I'm standing here to tell you, you should. But that's probably because I'm ndn and I'm a firm believer in smudging. If you aren't into that kind of thing, well let me know, and I'll come safe your home for you. I have a group of friends who watched me sage an area because a dude was being super negative and I needed that area to be cleansed of any bad feelings. Haha. As I've been saying in my posts, life at our home has been busy. Babertz works his butt off and is under a lot of stress, stress equals anxiety, and sometimes anxiety can equal depression. I'm no fan of negative thoughts and/or energy. A lot of things can arise from busy. I just felt like our house needed to be freed of all the busy. I can offer my personal support but sometimes sage gives the extra umph.  I always feel better after a good sage session. Wills grilled us dinner and we had enjoyed it on the patio. And yes sometimes we grill out Shobey a steak all for himself. We pretty much love him more than a lot of things and/or people, I'm kidding. While Will felt the need to bury himself in the books and study, he also just wanted to enjoy a movie with his girl. And I pretty much loved that, unfortunately due to work being overwhelming we don't always get a night home watching a movie. So of course I thanked the sage for doing its job and putting his mind at rest because I love movie nights!!!!! Haha. We watched True Story which I found interesting and I am now going to finish up my post here so I can do a little more research on the TRUE story line because the movie was based on true events. Toodles, have an awesome week friends! 

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