Monday, October 12, 2015

OU/TX 2015, Family Dinner & Sunday Funday

Friday night Will and I met up after work to go over some exciting/important details of our lives right now. He then took me to dinner, where we enjoyed some red wine & italian. I love dates with that man. He's damn near perfect and I do not deserve him but I'm so glad that he keeps me around.

OU/TX 2015 was quite the change-up compared to the past few years. One year we went down and my car got broken into, that being said, I'm not too bummed about not heading south over the weekend. There have been fun times there too though! One year I got to introduce Wills to one of my favorite bands, Turnpike Troubadours. (now one of his favorites) One year I watched Travis & Wills practice their round house kicks in the state fair parking lot. One year we watched a firework show after the game while getting full of corndogs & beer. There have definitely been good and bad OU/TX years. But this year we woke up super early and got some exercise in. We got Shoba geared up for a walk down 19th in Moore. We also took him to the new dog park, sadly no dogs are EVER there. Guess some people just don't like to do any and EVERYTHING with their dog like us. ha. We didn't have many plans for the game because it seemed like our friends weren't doing much. Sam & Hank came over and watched the game around half time. I got a shit ton of laundry done, put halloween decorations up with Hank, then baked some pretty gross homemade cookies. We all ended up having a friendly game of Beersbee and family dinner that evening then getting to bed super early.

Shoba likes to pay it forward at the Dog Park sometimes

Sunday morning we woke up early. I wanted to get in a run downtown so we made plans to have a little family outing. Will called in breakfast to-go and we loaded Shoba up and headed to bricktown while listening to some Jesus Jams. As we were driving, Will looked over and said "this music does make you feel good huh? It just makes you realize how grateful we should be and helps you put things into perspective". We chatted it up about Jesus and named off some things that we were grateful for. It was a good talk, I love it when we get into discussion about things that are import to us.  We had an early breakfast at the Myriad Gardens then we walked from there to take Shoba to a dogpark in midtown. I ran from the dogpark back to the car taking an alternative route. I love running down there. I'm excited to say that my official marathon training is under way, the plan to do a half in January and a full in April, maybe another half in between, or before or after, regardless running makes me so happy. I got back to my car, picked up my boys then we went and got some pumpkins. We ran errands the majority of the afternoon yesterday, I finally washed my car, she's so pretty! Yesterday evening I met up with Chad, KC & Nicole and we watched Citizen Cope & The Counting Crows. Funny to think that's the third Citizen Cope concert I've been to with Chad. They are SO good, I missed having my concert babertz with me, but he's got a lot on his plate right now, so I was still able to enjoy myself with our group. The Counting Crows sounded great live too. Sunday runday/funday was pretty perfecto!

i just can't... they are freakin' adorable!

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