Thursday, October 29, 2015

you're a one

Last weekend was pretty great, I got to spend time with my family, ran a 5 miler, took Shoba on walks, etc. But it's just crazy how much I missed my guy. He really is my best friend. Our weekends are something great so when I have to weekend without him it's just not the same. However, my weekend consisted of a girls night in with my niece watching movies, going to Parker's 3rd birthday and starting some craft projects. This week has been pretty good as far as crafting goes, I've watched a couple of movies and ran and biked to keep me busy. Me and Shoba have been holding down the fort. Last night I had some of the girls over to paint pumpkins, I stayed up painting a little on my own and tonight I'll have the Ahtone art night. Tomorrow is the day I'm really looking forward to though.

B practicing standing while we were visiting papa Sam after his surgery
*so my sister and I are doing a craft show in a couple of weeks, I should prob figure out what I'm gonna craft ;)

So yeah, I'm just over here missing my boyfriend. He will be home tomorrow and I cannot wait.

On a scale from one to ten, you're a one... of a kind Mr. Fernandez. I miss you so. You are definitely the dude for me!

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