Monday, November 9, 2015

Back to the normal

Friday night I got home and Wills had still not made it back from his business trip L . I made a quick trip to Target to return some shoes then got back to the house where I cooked myself dinner for the bajillionth time in a row. All you military wives, props to you, when my man is gone I get super duper lonely and cooking for one sucks. Basically, there aren’t a ton of one person meals, what sandwiches? … But I’ve been living on chicken breast and edamame for the past week and it’s been alright. I actually really love edamame and chicken so it’s ideal for me.  As I was just finishing up my meal, ole babertz walked through the door. He’s still been sickly so we just stayed in and rented a movie. Honestly, I can’t even remember what we watched. I mean I’m pretty sure I was asleep by 8:45 or something. Cool, I know.

Saturday morning, I was early rising (guess that’s what happens when you go to sleep at 8:45) and was up and at em’ by 5 a.m. I swallowed down my pre-workout & protein shake then headed to Schlegel Bicycles to meet the rest of the landrunner group. I was actually there so early in fact that I got a great parking place, this never happens. I didn’t know anyone else going to run so I was a loner on this run. It was freakin cold, I started out way too fast, my guess is because I was early and lined up with the fasties and that wasn’t on purpose. Once I settled into my 10:30/mile pace it was an ok run. I tailed a cute couple who probably thought my mission was to pass and beat them, which it was; you have to set small goals when you’re out there by yourself. However, they only did six so the last mile was tough/boring all by myself. To lighten my mood up, I decided to run by the memorial and take in the beauty then decided to try and spell my name out at the end of my route. I tried doing this before in the target parking lot and the scribble looked hilarious. Anyway, I got the 7 done and then felt justified in my time considering the cold weather and boredom of running alone. I run alone a lot but on my long runs I prefer people.




we are SO happy we have dad back home, we missed a whole bunch

I sure love this sick dude

I got home to an empty house, Will was busy running errands. Shoba and I cuddled until he got back home. Once he was back we decided to dog park it and bleu garten it for lunch. We had Greek food at one of the food trucks then headed to say hello to all the other pups. Shoba tired out pretty quickly so we headed back to Moore. We decided to nap and just relax together at the house. We heard from James, Will’s old roommate from college who had invited us out for a drink around halftime of the OU game so we got ready to do that. We ran into some friends when we made it to campus, I sat and played catch up with Michele & Jeff. We walked over to Logie’s to say hello to a few other people but only stayed long enough to say hello and then we opted instead of buying any drinks to instead go get a free sammy from Jimmy John’s. We got home around 11:45 and called it a night.

late night sammich talk

Sunday morning we slept in for a while, it’s my only day to really sleep in when I am training for a bigger race because most Saturdays are long run day. Once we got up and around Wills took me to breakfast. We spent the majority of the day cleaning up around the house and I worked on a birthday gift that I’m making for Travis, Will’s little brother. I’m hoping it really comes out the way I want, so far so good and I just hope he likes it! I’m so glad my boyfriend is home for a while, me and shoba were starting to get bored with eachother. We're just happy that things are back to normal and Wills is back home.



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  1. I can't believe you jogged your name, that's hilarious... Also, I'm excited about Travis's gift, haha. you make the best stuff!