Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Feeling all thankful

This time of year is always super emotional for me, it doesn't seem to get any easier really but it really makes me realize how thankful for the people in my life who understand me without question. I have some really great people and things in my life to be thankful for. 

Will & I had a date night Friday night, we went to Johnny Carino's then home to watch a movie, I was asleep by 8:50 pm I'm pretty sure. It was great though, I will never complain about a date night or going to bed early, in fact it's becoming one of my favorite things.

Saturday morning I got up early, had coffee with Will before heading out the door to head to Purcell to see the Barnes family. Paris is one of the best hosts ever! She had pancakes and more coffee ready for me as soon as I got there. I set and picked out scentsy smells with Kinzi while watching Elf. I got to catch up with Jacob and his super serious hunting techniques while just hanging with my bestie Paris. I love that family, they are precious. Kinzi climbed around on her daddy like a monkey, I watched them color together and caught up with Paris about building houses.

That afternoon, I headed south to run a 5k with a little girl named Megan. I just signed up as a running buddy for a program called Girls on the Run. It's a really neat program that works with girls to set goals and stay healthy in the process. I love the concept of it. This is of course because I grew up with insecurities in my own skin, which later turned into an eating disorder but then I've always had trouble with expressing myself through communication when it comes to anything that makes me feel anxious or sad. I've always been a firm believer in running helping me with both of those issues, I feel that through running I've been able to control the feeling of being overwhelmed through exercise but for me personally running. Running also helps me set goals that require committment obtain. And like with any goal setting, once achieve your goal, you feel more like a badass so it's good for any insecurities you may be experiencing personally. Anyway, so I pull up to the race on time (which is rare, but I've learned I'm so much better with being on time in the past year) and Megan doesn't show up. I was so worried about letting her down that I didn't even think about how let down I'd feel if she didn't show up. :( But honestly I'm pretty understanding and it was frigid out there that evening, a lot of the girls were no-shows so I have a feeling that her parents may worry about her getting sick. So maybe next time Megan. 

Saturday evening I met up with Wills who had went to tailgate and watch the game, he and his foxhole hung out until Kevo & I were able to meet up, love those too. So here's the foxhole story incase you don't know... (Foxhole: a small pit, usually for one or two soldiers, dug as a shelter in a battle area) Kevo & I are eachother's foxhole & amanda & Will are eachothers, you'll understand why if you ever hang out with us all. It's pretty laughable. We had a few drinks around campus and then had jimmy johns and then we all went to our house and basically watched Shoba & Foxhole play haha. Shoba loves uncle Kevin!

Sunday was a relaxing day at the Ahtone-Fernandez casa. We only got out for a little grocery shopping. We did some serious cuddling and napping though, cold weather & movies with the dude is always where it's at.

Here we are at Thanksgiving week, I'm feeling extremely thankful this year, I have really great friends, family and framily and I think that it's very clear to me that I am extremely fortunate to have stumbled across the people I have in my life! I am very appreciative for each and every one of you who are my people, you guys speak volumes with your actions and consideration when I'm going through the holidays and hurting on the inside about things you may not understand, I love you all! Thanks for being YOU!!! I hope all of you guys have the best thanksgiving! I'm ready to get my turkey trot on with my nephews and then get my cook on while my grams and mom are in the kitchen with me, I can always feel them there when I'm baking! Xo

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