Monday, November 16, 2015

No netflix but chill, running hefner & cat painting

Weekend happenings consisted of me being super relaxed pretty much all weekend long. It was pretty legit. Friday my boss gave me the afternoon off early which was awesome. I got to go home and take Shoba on a walk. I love taking Shobey on walks, I'm a believer in the fact that dogs need lots of interaction. It makes me sad to know that some dogs don't get that, they just sit at home all day waiting on their humans to get home. Dogs need attention people. Anyway, Will got off work around 7 so we went to dinner at Volcano. We had made other plans but his job pretty much pissed on that idea. Oh well, I'm thankful he has a great job! After dinner, we went home and I got in bed pretty early because I knew I had to run some mileage on Saturday morning.

Saturday morning I woke up dark & early and I was actually looking forward to my run. KC had opted to get some mileage in so it was nice to have someone out there with me. I was only supposed to do eight, but had decided I'd do one full lap which is said to be 9 miles. This is because Will and I have plans in a few weeks and I wanted to switch out mileage, nevermind that I realized this morning I was all backwards on my dates so I didn't actually have to run 9 haha. I ended up running 9.5 so yeah hefner is a little longer than I had thought. Good news is that I won't have high mileage this week because I'm running a race with my BK this weekend, our first together! I generally hate running hefner but something felt good Saturday morning. I had KC beside me for about 2.5 miles, she turned around and did a total of 5, and I do not blame her, I always tried running with her when she was training but when you aren't actually training for a race it's easier said then done when you get to the weekend mileage. Regardless, I think it helped me knowing that she was waiting on me to finish, that part kept me going. After I got back to Moore, instead of going out to eat for breakfast I made Wills breakfast. This guy loves eggs benedict, I don't love it but sometimes it's all about compromise ladies. If you don't want to go out to eat, then ya gotta put in the work and cook. I baked a eggs benedict casserole that him and Travis got down on. After breakfast, we ran out to look at some land with my boss, it was absolutely perfect to build a house on. Once we got back to the house we played catch up with Travis. That's when my body started going into shock a little, I say that but I was just a little dehydrated. I got to deal with the reprocussions of dehydration the rest of the day saturday. I cut that evening short and I was asleep by 9.

bundled up, but still freezing


Look at the hairy belly haha

Wills & I slept in a little on Sunday then went and got breakfast.  He had a full day of grandpa time shooting guns and celebrating his grandpa's birthday. I did a little shopping and found a buddha (Will conveniently forgot which buddha to get me while he was in Japan...) and loaded up on my candles. Candles are my favorite thing. - sidenote: I believe in God, I believe in what Buddha is about, if you are confused on how/why I can believe in both of these talk to me in person. I will finish this statement with this, Exodus 20:3 "you shall have on other gods before me" , in my life God is number one, the way I see it, I can believe in other gods/religions as long as I do not put them above my God. - Anyway, I got home set my buddha up in it's special spot then loaded up my paint materials and headed out to Sam's house. My neice is wanting to have a cat birthday party this year so we decided to paint some cat paintings for her. Robbie, Jake, Jenna all came out and did a little painting of their own. Got home just in time to snuggle up in bed. Here we are at Monday after yet another relaxing weekend, ready for my week.

Part of Sam's art gallery

Trainwreck and paint night at the flamingo ranch, don't mind the big brown foot to the right haha


Another one I painted for the gallery

my little buddha

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  1. OMG Cat birthday party?!? LOVE love love! I also have a tiny Buddha somewhere. And how was Trainwreck?