Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving & Friendsgiving back home

Wednesday after work I rolled up to the neighborhood market and realized quickly that I had forgotten my grocery list at work. Womp womp. I had parked right beside a mom and her daughter who walked in at the same time as me. I continued to run into these two as I shopped. I felt myself get overwhelmed as I tried to remember the items while making my way through the crowd. I pulled my cart to the party supplies aisle so that I wouldn't be distracted by all of the people. And then it hit me, I looked up from my phone since it was loading a recipe so I could skim the ingredients, I saw the mother and daughter again, maybe for the 4th time during this shopping trip. My eyes began to develop tears, I told myself to breathe in and out slowly, that it's not that big of a deal and so I went back to my phone. I prayed that my eyes would dry up quickly, the recipe called for lemon zest, I don't know what that is I thought, my eyes began to fill again, so I just stuck there focusing on the recipe while praying and hoping no one would notice me. All of the sudden, my cart was bumped and it was a familiar face. A face that glowed with happiness, a smile that was bright and friendly and I felt better almost suddenly. Sometimes you never know when your smile can make someone's day better. And this is a perfect example of just that. I saw Shasta Blacketer, one of the first girls I'd met when hanging out in Kingston, a girl I grew up with and someone I played softball with in high school. She explained to me what lemon zest was and then guided me to the lemon zester aisle. We laughed and talked and even checked out together. As I drove away I realized that sometimes it's the simple things that get me choked up, like not being able to shop with my mom, call my mom to ask her what lemon zest means. But God has my back, I asked that my tears wouldn't happen, and my prayer was answered.  I walked to my car, got inside and then drove around until I saw Shasta again, I hugged her neck and thanked her for just being a good person. The rest of the evening I cooked in the kitchen and then got in bed fairly early.

Shoba brought a casserole dish

How cute is my sister with her decorations?!?

Food Coma

Steve was hilarious to play apples to apples with

Thursday morning, I was up early because my nephews had committed to a turkey trot 5k with me. Hank has never ran a race with me, but Jack has. Jack got 20th out of like 472 people, so yeah he good. I ran/walked with Hank and we finished right under 40, I was impressed with that since Hank hasn't ever ran one. The boys came over after, I made them breakfast and then we headed to Ardmore that afternoon. Thanksgiving with the Ahtone's was fun, we ate good, we played games and even got out for a little black friday shopping that night. Wills and I got us a shopvac and he got some jeans. We got home pretty late and got in bed, but of course Wills had to have some more pumpkin pie right before bed. :)

Friday morning, we slept in a little because the rain was pouring down. We got up and took a starbucks run, the only request other than Steve's coffee order was Brentli and her hot chocolate.  We got back and the rest the group was bummed that we didn't order them anything. They didn't know we were going to Starbucks, well, we didn't think there was a need to go anywhere else when starbucks is right around the corner. They missed out. After we all got up and around, we decided to go see a movie. What's funny is that I thought The Night Before  was actually Love the Coopers all I knew was that they were both Christmas movies, oops! It was a funny movie, I just wouldn't recommend taking your 3 year old niece haha. *badauntaward Luckily, she slept through most of the movie. We all laughed and cringed in hopes she didn't hear certain parts of the movies. And by certain parts I mean most. She only saw the beginning and ending, thankfully. After we got back from the movies, we headed to the creek. Shoba met his new girlfriend Gracey and they played all evening. We got back to Sam's cabin and were all pretty quick to get to sleep.

Saturday morning, we got up, had breakfast with Travis, Alana, Bobby, Elaine & Sam. Once we were back at the creek we took Shoba on a walk. He loves being off the leash and leading the way. But he wants us close by, he likes to look back and make sure we are still following him. He's so cute. I can't remember what we did before getting him. We got back from our walk, I cooked up some food to take to friendsgiving and then we headed over. Friendsgiving was really good, I got to see some people that I hadn't seen in a while and it was just really good catching up. We stayed up very late, played a lot of foosball where Wills accidentally injured my thumb and then left full of happiness because we know we are rich in friendships.

Shoba halftime break, he's fine just chilling by himself

We got to see B the birthday girl on Sunday before we got back to Moore, and we will get to see her again this weekend when we celebrate her being a grownup. I'm really excited about that. Love that little girl. Loved being back home, home is so good to us.

This is how we carried Shoba all  weekend, spoiled boy!

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