Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Weekend full of candy & cake, so basically a GREAT weekend!

Friday evening I was really excited to be off work not only did I have going home and seeing Will for the first time in 8 days but it was definitely a long week as far as work was concerned. I rushed home only to find a very sickly boyfriend who needed to be taken care of. I left pretty quickly to get his "get better soon" set up together. I made my way to Sam's (by the way Friday nights are a perfect night for a Sam's trip, so dead in that place) and rounded up some Panera tomato basil soup, bulk size of course, grabbed my sisters bday gift and a few other bulk size portions of food for the cleanse I'm starting tomorrow. - By the way if you or someone you know is interested in doing a cleanse or any other great health products my friend Emily sells advocare so do yourself a favor and check the stuff out HERE. I'm a huge fan of the cleanse and spark! - I got home to Wills where I made him some soup, got him to take some meds and snuggled up beside him and we rented a movie.

The kids loved the vampire teeth, I'll have to remember for next year!

Shobey loves trick or treaters

Saturday morning I got in a 6 miler, got Will some theraflu and then shortly drove him up to the minor emergency to see what was going on. We saw a doctor, got him some antibiotics and got a bite for lunch. I dropped him off, went and grabbed my sisters birthday cookie cake from Eileen's Cookies , if you love cookies, you must try these cookies they are freakin delicious! Once I got home, I got my last minute costume together which was a witch, so that I could hand out candy. I kind of think I'll never not dress up for Halloween. I feel like some people say that they hate dressing up because they feel silly, but that pretty much describes my personality basically I wish we got to dress up everyday. I say that, but my face is pretty much thankful I don't. All that green paint had me breaking out more than normal in no time. And now that I'm giving shout out to different products, if any of my readers happen to be looking for a great skin product you should check out rodan+fields, my friend Amanda sells it and you can learn more about the products HERE. The rest of the night was pretty low key and I got in bed pretty dang early even without the time change helping. 


my grandma's handwriting...  miss her so much

Sunday morning I was up bright and early getting everything together to celebrate one of the most precious people to me, my sister. I wrapped the gifts, packed the party hats and before I knew it Sam, Hank and I were headed south to meet with the birthday gal. We met at The Artesian Hotel for lunch where we were all impressed with the food, food prices and the atmosphere. We spent great quality time laughing and visiting with each other. My sister landed herself a great new scarf, a Starbucks giftcard and a portable icemaker. That's right and icemaker, and honestly I know it's laughable like who wants one of those, especially for their bday, but the truth is I do now!!! Those things can make up to 25 lbs of ice a day, next I'd get a snow cone machine and then start a snow one business from home... After a late lunch where my sweet sister gave a really heartfelt speech showing her good nature and broke down in tears we headed over to see papaw Harber. Love that 90 yr old man, such a great man with a big heart full of love. I played Yahtzee with my niece Brentli and nephew Hank! It was clear that I was also the last person who played Yahtzee at papaws too, pretty sure that was 1995ish by the looks of my handwriting. We had a great time and I'm pretty sure that was the first time I've ever won at that game. So yeah I beat my 3 yr old niece and 23 yr old nephew, I'm not even sure it counts but I'll take it! 

So here I am on Monday, a good 9 days without a kiss from my boyfriend because he's stuck with the Japanese flu and I've got another 5 days to go until I get a smooch that is if he's better by the time he gets back in town! But the good news is vanderpump rules is back yes!!!! 

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