Monday, December 14, 2015

Celebrating Will, Hiking and getting ENGAGED!

Friday evening Will and I rushed around to get to our beavers bend cabin, of course we didn't leave early at all because, well, honestly I have no idea. We got to the cabin around 10:45 that night and got the ole jacuzzi fired up on the porch while Will tried to get a fire going. We listened to music and relaxed while talking about just everything. That's why I love our weekends like this, we get a chance to unplug and really enjoy each other's company. We slept so good Friday night, something about being tucked inside a cabin in the middle of the woods with Will and Shoba makes me feel so peaceful and relaxed.

Roadtrip snacks!

Our cabin was perfect! We'll take one!!!

We didn't get to use the fire pit but we'll be back to soon!

Shobey loved our big bed!
Wine time

Nature's hideaway!

Will working hard to get a fire started, while I relaxed in the hot tub.

Saturday morning we were up at the crack of dawn. I set outside and enjoyed my coffee on the porch while Shoba set taking in mother natures beauty. We left for some breakfast, then came back to the cabin after to get all our hiking things packed and Shoba ready for a hike. Before we headed out onto the trails we stopped by Girls gone wine, a dog friendly locally owned winery. We picked up a couple of bottles of wine to enjoy after the hike at the cabin. Then we were on our way to the woods. I got this trip to celebrate Will and I knew he'd enjoy hiking like always but I was reeeeeally excited about getting on the trail and spending time with Will & Shoba.

Before we went inside the winery


Shobey was so happy to get to the mountains

Spillway stop



Water break

Selfie break

Hiking...always one of my favorite things. It's a chance for Will, Shoba and I to get out in the woods, listen to music, laugh & talk (Shoba just listens) all awhile taking in great views. When we started our hike, it wasn't much different than any other. The only thing I can say that was different looking back now is that Will was agreeing to wear a shirt that I thought would be cute. He also agreed to taking more photos for my blog. We hiked about 4 miles, we grabbed our video camera (also a photo camera) so that we could take pictures of our hike to the top of a mountain that overlooked the river. Once we felt we were at the peak of best scenery for the day Will wanted to stop for a breather. Then it just happened, we were laughing with tears in our eyes as he was perfectly putting all the words together to ask if I would be his wife. Now, I don't mean to brag, but I'm gonna, I've always loved how Wills thinks creatively, here's an example of just that. After I said yes, he grabs wine glasses he decorated with my nail polish and a bottle of champagne he had packed. We set there drinking champagne & taking in the view with our Shobey. He even thought to bring a sharpie so I could take a super cute photo! Who the heck knew? Who knew? That a guy I've known since the 5th grade would be the man I will marry. I'm so happy. Will you are perfect for me. Thanks for sticking with me, being patient with me when I was so guarded but also peeling away the layers and showing me it's ok to love like we do. You are understanding, patient and giving and I love your heart. You have made me a better person and I love you dearly.

Literally right before he popped the question

While I was taking in this beauty, he was getting the ring he says, it was gorgeous.

Peace out broken bow lake, you'll forever have a piece of my heart because of what happened here.

Saturday evening we celebrated with a nice dinner at Abendigo's. We had the best waiter who said we were his funnest table of the night, but honestly it was all him, he was hilarious. If you ever eat there, ask for Justin's section, he's only there 3 months out of the year because he spends most of his time in Mexico, but if you're lucky and you get seated in his section you'll be glad you did. We set next to a couple who had been married for 43 years and were very sweet. We got to talking, they congratulated us on the engagement and I asked their best advice. They answered with this: "Communication is key, if you always work at making the other person happy and keep Jesus at the center of your relationship you guys will be fine." Oh and the guy also told Wills "just say yes to what she asks of you :) "  We noted the great advice, took it all in, the lighting, the crowd, then the crowd begin to grow quiet. The background music seemed louder, but I think it was just because the people in the restaurant were all eating or something, who knows... Regardless, I heard a tune that sounded all too familiar. I set there quietly with a smirk on my face, feeling the chills cover my body and then I looked up and realized Will noticed... "Says she talks to angels, they call her out by her name.." I didn't say anything but Will looked at me and said, " how crazy it that this song is on?" He then asked if I believed in things like this, and he knows that I totally do, but he experienced it with me this time. We sat there with tears in our eyes for the second time of the day, just happy and recognizing that what we have is something special. I like to think it was my moms way of saying that she's proud of this engagement. Sidenote: this song was the very first song I heard when my mom died and it comes on at the right moments, and has over the years and I just think that's a God/mom thing... It's usually perfect timing, just like her!

first dinners as fiances

Sunday, we drove home while calling/texting several people to share the news. Sadly, my dad announced it on social media before we had the chance to tell others. It's not the way I would have done it, however, I couldn't be more happy about seeing all the love and support we received through the facebook post.

Woke up on Sunday like... "it wasn't a dream, this dude actually wants to marry me"

We were the first newly engaged couple in the guest book.
So yeah, that's our first few days of being engaged, guess the rest will all fall into place like it's supposed to from here on out. I don't know, this is all new to me, but so far it's pretty great! Xo


  1. Love this. You guysss!!! Totally bawling as I read xoxo congratulations.

  2. Love this. You guysss!!! Totally bawling as I read xoxo congratulations.