Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Ice Skating, Pedi's with B, Christmas Partyin & Thundering Up with Wills

We had a busy weekend full of fun, Friday night we met Kevin & Amanda for dinner & drinks at Guyutes on 23rd. I had a delicious pizza that had cranberries & feta cheese on it. I could def go for one for lunch that's for sure. After we ate, we headed to bricktown for ice skating, it was really fun and of course foxhole was swerving in and out of the crowd while the rest of us were just trying to stay standing. I do think I've improved over the years, I actually only fell once, which is pretty surprising. I did fall though, and it scares the crap out of me out there with all those blades, I'm always paranoid my fingers will get sliced off by someone else skating haha. After ice skating, we went to the sip, then stayed up super late at Kevin & Amanda's foosballing.

Kevin pullin' a Will by being super protective of his furniture haha.

Love this dude!

Saturday morning after little sleep, I got up got a small run in, then grabbed a coffee and hot chocolate for Brentli and I. I met up with my sister & Buzz and we did the ole car switcharoo and before I knew I was driving the green monster. My sister's best friends parents gave my sister & her husband their old van, they have a daughter who is handcap, so the van is handicap accessible making it easier on my sister's family. Pretty cool how they just gave it to them, I'm so thankful knowing that it's easier for them to travel. Will met me at the nail salon to help me unload B. (have I told you how good Will is at being an uncle? ) Super sweet as he knew I can get anxious about things like this. We got inside the nail salon and got our pedi on. Brentli loved it. I loved the girl time. She is a big girl these days, and big girls get pedis. After the nail salon, we went on a scavenger hunt for all things cat party related. We grabbed cat paintings, cat ears & cat cookies. Brentli was so excited about her party. I was sad this was the first party I was going to miss, but B understood I had to go to Uncle Will's work Christmas party.

the only pic of my pedicured toes

birthday kitty
I got back to the house around 3:45 and rushed to get ready for the Hitachi holiday party. Wills and I arrived on time and had dinner and drinks with the rest of the people he works with in the human relations department. I really enjoyed meeting the people he works with and had fun laughing with one of his colleagues.  My boyfriend is a much bigger deal than I had really understood before going to this party, it's moments like those that I really feel proud of his hard work. It's always attractive when your guy is handsome AND smart. Proud of you babertz! But with responsibility comes a certain level of seriousness, which means we didn't do any dancing which I wanted too haha. We got out of there then went to have a drink at Louie's west side and ran into some of Will's boys - Marshal, Darrin, Crawdaddy & Eric. We all visited and laughed and then we all went our separate ways at the end of the night.

Wills & I slept in a little Sunday morning, once we got up we got the Christmas decorations out and up. We had lunch at our fave mexican place then went to Goodwill after. We walked out $14 less than we came in with, but I got Will a super nice navy blazer and I ended up getting a jacket, a skirt and a pair of brand new running shoes, same brand & size I would get on the internet. The color is a little too pink but they are running shoes so no big. I was so excited because I was about to buy a brand new pair, but these things have been worn maybe once if that and they literally fell into my lap while I was there. Once we made it back to the house, I took a nap with Shoba and then before I knew it Will was waking me up so we could Thunder Up. Will got tickets through his job so we had dinner & date night Thunder suite style thanks to Hitachi. I'm definitely not used to watching a game from a suite but it was pretty sweet ;)

Peeky McPeekerson

my little ndn tree, filled with dream catchers and feathers :)

Basically, we had a busy weekend that was a lot of fun but we are really looking forward to this weekend! Can't wait to celebrate the rest of Will's 31st birthday, I've been looking forward to this since September when I made the reservations! Looking forward to a quiet weekend with Will & Shoba and going on more Ahtone-Fernandez adventures!

Ice skating injury... oh, and the explanation for the bajillion socks in this photo is all Hank & Sam because I was at their house when I took this!!

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