Thursday, December 24, 2015

Weekend was full of just stuff! Friday night Will and I met up with his little brother for dinner. After dinner, we all met with Courtney for drinks! The guys stayed with court and I got home and in bed so I'd be able to run the next morning. I was awaken from a great sleep when Wills got home and he asked if I wanted beef jerky.... Um no thanks?!? Haha but it was sweet that he asked! 

Saturday morning I downed a coffee and spark in no time. I got to my bosses house and then we all headed out for a long run. Since we started later than we had originally planned- and by late I mean we started at 7:45 lol- I only got 8 miles in. I wasn't too mad about it. Immediately after the run, will and I headed out to look at a wedding venue. It was absolutely gorgeous, but unavailable on the date we wanted. On to the next... We got some Christmas shopping done and then went to another venue. It's perfect, the date is available, buttttt they've never had a wedding there. Therefore, we'd love to the be the first! We'll see. This part stresses me out. Makes me face the situation I've avoided by not being engaged all along. The part where I realize I have to do this without my mom. It stings. But thank God for Will, and reassuring friends that they are there if needed. I really think once we book a venue I'll be leaning on some friends. So be ready friends, this is tougher than I could have ever imagined. What I'd do for one phone call to get moms opinion and advice.... Stay tuned because I have a feeling any time I post about wedding stuff I'll be venting my feelings a little of how it's scary without her. I'm sorry ahead of time because I know it's just my way of dealing with it, through paper. 

That night we went to my work Christmas party. We played dirty Santa and ate Kim's famous cake balls until we felt sick. But Christmas parties are all about fun and indulging in yummy treats, that we did. 
My killer pickle tray, on point! 

Sunday we went to Wills Grandmas for Christmas lunch. Lunch turned into a nice evening of visiting with Wills family. We did a little late night shopping then went to Starbucks and then went to the downs house off of hwy 9. Really cool thing, if you haven't been, go!

We met up with Emily and Jarrin last night, where Jarrin asked Will to be a groomsmen in their wedding! Emily and I have a pretty similar situation when it comes to planning a wedding and I was thankful to see that she supplied me with some bride magazines to get the creative juices flowing! 

Merry Christmas week! I hope you guys have the best Christmas! Xo 

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