Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Christmas, 2016 and being in love

Christmas was great! Will and I got to spend time with our families and got great unexpected gifts and played dirty Santa and other games. It's always crazy to me how much different we celebrate the Christmas holiday. Wills mom has us get up early, she makes us breakfast then we open gifts individually while listening to a Dave Matthews DVD. Then we go to my dads in the evening, play dirty Santa and then go Christmas caroling. This year we went to Sue Beards home, a local music teacher in Marshall County, the mayors home and one last house that belongs to friends of the family for years. The Ahtones had their shit together this year, we went in with a plan and nailed all the words and high notes! It was surprisingly better than last year. Makes ya wonder what next year will be like.... hmmm. We were also gifted with another trip this year, and we are super thankful. It looks like we will be heading to the Dominican Republic for the first time this summer. Cannot wait.

Red glasses for Christmas!

my sister is crazy

So, I've always lovvvved my aunt's wedding ring. Got to our family Christmas and then she lovvvved mine. Crazy how much we like the same things & have the same quirky attitudes. love you auntie em.

Hanging with the Alana doll, talking to the real deal on the phone Christmas morning.

Shoba's terrible judgement to frog splash into the lake

Christmas swim

NDN Christmas

The rest of Christmas weekend was spent with our home framily, playing foosball, drinking beer and listening to music. On our way back home we stopped through Ardmore so that Sadie, Chandra and I could watch a movie. We watched sisters, pretty funny. Will and Shoba just chilled out on my sister's couch and napped.

Jussssst call me a giant!

The week of New Years was short and sweet. I did have KC & Paris over with the girls so they could have a little friendsmas celebration. We had so much fun playing chubby bunny and laughing and talking. Love those mommas and girls. On Thursday, Will rode down with Kevin & Amanda to Dallas so they could watch the game while I stayed in Norman to work. :( I did have a quick drive to Dallas once I was off while listening to the remainder of the OU game. Once I got to Tim & Baileys, Will & I both got in our New Years eve attire. We had a great time ringing in the new year with a few of our best friends. We stayed up late laughing, playing poker, darts, dancing and doing some cheerleading pyramids in the living room, you know that kind of stuff. Will & I are going to work on our new resolution list when we make a mini road trip soon so that list is pending. Friday, after little sleep all the girls and Wills went to grab a bite before we headed back to Oklahoma. We got back, said our goodbyes and then trucked it back home. Once we got home, Will and I were in search of black eyed peas and had no luck. Places were just plumb sold out, so we put our luck on some spicy ramen noodles. The rest of the night we just hung out with Shoba and got in bed early and got some z's.

Saturday morning, I got up early, apparently not early enough, because Paris & Carissa left my ass at home after staying the night so we could all go run together. It's laughable, but I coulda killed those girls. I still got downtown and got in a run with the girls, it was my last long run, which wasn't really a long run at all. I think I did two and a half miles, but I think I'll do 5 or 6 tonight and tomorrow then just rest the ole legs until Disney. After the run, Will and I went to check out a venue we had been considering for our wedding, turns out it wasn't exactly what we wanted. We did get to go on a date to POPS , which was cool because neither of us had ever been. Saturday night we had dinner with my brothers and dad and then did a little thrift shopping.

Sunday morning we were up and around, grabbed breakfast and then went grocery shopping. That afternoon we went and looked at another venue. We really like it and it's definitely on our list of possible venues. So far, it's pretty clear to me when we pull out of viewing a venue I feel a sense of emptiness. I miss my mom SO much. But can i just say... my boyfriend ( yeah, it's too freakin weird calling him my fiance, what a weird name anyway) is SO great. He will have me stop the car and just grabs me and gives me a hug. I know he doesn't understand this feeling but he sure as hell does know how to comfort me when I'm feeling this way. Thanks Wills, I'm a lucky gal.

Here we are back to our first normal working week, well, for some. Not for me, we'll be heading to Disney soon. Ready to run my next marathon! Have a good week people!!!!

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