Monday, January 25, 2016

Putting miles in & spending time with family

Another great weekend in the books! Will and I stayed in Friday night and I worked on drafting some things for upcoming events and got on the stationary bike. I was in bed SUPER early but I love sleep, plus I've started counting calories and exercising more so I'm usually exhausted after working out.

It was pretty damn cold Saturday morning but KC, Paris & I all managed to get our butts up and get in a 6 miler at the Stockyards with the Landrunners. After we grabbed coffee before all going our separate ways. I had to go pick up a few things and run a few errands so Will and I were busy doing that for the afternoon. Around 4, we went and picked up Bobby & Alana and we took them to see our wedding venue. We had dinner in bricktown that evening and caught some live music that evening.

Sunday, I met up with my sister and took her to see our wedding venue as well. We then went to the OK Bridal show downtown. As soon as we got there, I knew right off I was ready to get out of that place. The line wound across the cox center and it was so long. The place was filled with a ton of women blabbing about wedding stuff. My sister made me stay and actually go inside. She is great, she also made these stickers with my name, address, phone number and email on them so that I could just stick the stickers on any form I was filling out or any form I had to fill out to enter a drawing. I begin to get hot and annoyed quickly, I picked up a lot of business cards for the things I was interested in. I knew I was a do-it-yourself bride before but after hearing vendors pricing and sales pitches it was reconfirmed. I've always found it hard for me to pay for something that I know that I can do. For example, centerpieces, wedding decor, paper items. Sooooo, I got out of that place after about an hour and my sister and I went to have Sushi. I'm so glad she came with me, I felt much more comfortable having my person there for support. She gets me so she was able to think of things ahead of time to have my back in the whole anxiety area. I told her and Alana some ideas I had planned for our wedding and I'm glad they will be by my side for moral & emotional support along the way. Thank goodness for sister love!

Starting this week I plan to begin a lot of my do it yourself projects and just continue to keep getting in my half training to prep me for my next race at the end of February. Life right now is full of that kind of stuff, but I'm not complaining because the projects I am doing are contributing to what I figure will be one of my happiest days of my life. Gah, I just love that guy.

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