Wednesday, January 20, 2016

When childhood memories become reality

Last Friday morning dark and early we left for Disney World. It was hard for me to contain my excitement so I only got about four hours of sleep Thursday night. I was the first person at the airport of our big group, Dylan shared with me the excitement while waiting for our plane to get off the ground. Once we got to Florida, we checked into our room at the Disney Polynesian Resort and then headed to the runners expo to get our race packets. There were a few running celebrities there along with hundreds of runners. The expo was filled with really cool running gear and I could feel myself get anxious about the next morning. We were all set up with our packets and headed back to our resort for dinner. Dinner was delicious we had all worked up an appetite after traveling and being on the go all day. We went to Magic Kingdom and watched an electrical parade and I cried. Then we watched a firework show at the castle and I cried again. It was an emotional day. I remember as a child with three other siblings that we always wanted to go to Disney World. But we were just too poor. My mom was raising us on her own and I'm sure she would have loved to have taken us but it wasn't afforable. Going there as an adult brought back all the memories of my childhood. In that hour and for the rest of my time at Disney I would be living in a world of fantasy, my childhood imagination would be brought to life and I would have feelings of nostalgia.

Saturday morning, we got up to do what we came there to do. We knocked out our half marathon. It definitely was not my best time, but I knew it wouldn't be. This run was more geared to the experience. There were charachters throughout the course, people smiling and happy just to be running. It was the happiest run I've ever been a part of. I'd do it all over again. It was humid so I cramped up around the 7 mile marker, which sucked but I have two more half marathons coming up so I chose the safe way of dealing with the cramps. I stopped to stretch & finished the race off by the Jeff Galloway method. After the race we all went back to the hotel and showered up. We met up with the rest of the group and ate at Be our Guest, a beauty and the beast inspired castle/restaurant. It was gorgeous and just how you would imagine it. The rest of the day I rode every ride possible from the scary ones to the spinning teacups. It was glorious! I made Will close the park down with me.

Sunday we went to Epcot where we drank a beer at every country. We are delicious German food and finished the night off with some fast rides. 

Monday we hit up Hollywood Studios where we got to watch really cool stunt shows and see more of the production side of Disney. The tower of terror and the Aerosmith rides are a MUST! 

Tuesday morning we all got up super early and had breakfast at a restaurant in animal kingdom. Mickey, goofy & daisy were all there! This where we realized I get nervous around "celebrities"... Characters. I nearly tripped when I went to get my picture taken with Mickey and knocked my glasses off when I got to take a picture with Daisy Duck. Literally looked like a 3 yr old but I'm 30. Haha. I did meet up with Pocahontas and talk ndn villages too. If you go to animal kingdom be sure to go on the safari it's totally worth the long line and you will not be disappointed! Also, you have to watch the lion king show, they have Broadway dancers that perform in it and it's really good. 

We got home late Tuesday night and then finished the rest of our week up buying playing catch up at work. Our weekend was pretty low key for the most part. I got in two five milers and then we also found our wedding venue yay! What a relief! This weekend Wills sister is coming to town so we are excited to see her and Bobby. My sister is coming up on Sunday and we are going to do some wedding stuff. I'm excited to show both sisters our venue and get to planning this celebration of love!

p.s. if you'd like to see photos of our Disney adventure, just go to my facebook, unfortunately I don't have the time to wait for photos to upload because this computer is slow as molasses.

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