Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Friday afternoon the bossman let me off early so I went and got my nails did at Royalty Nails in Norman. Paris gave me the name of the chick she goes to there so I got with her and we did the damn thing. It was clear that Cindy knew it had been a while since I had my nails tended to, however, she was sweet about telling me that I needed to do this type of thing more often haha. It's interesting for me how I get anxiety in odd situations. I felt myself become a little overwhelmed while getting my nails done, lots of women with judgey eyes. And I guess rightfully so, I didn't really look like I belonged there I'm sure. I had a few conversations about getting nails done, which isn't something I talk about often, then got my uni-brow trimmed and I was on my way. I got home and cooked dinner for Will and I and got in bed fairly early.

Saturday morning KC & Paris came over and we headed to Overhoulser to get in a 7 miler. After our run, we had breakfast at Perry's. Love running and then getting lots of carbs in after and laughing over breakfast with those two. Saturday afternoon Will and I went to blue seven and looked for something to get Jarrin for his bday. Unfortunately my gifting abilities were off :(. We got home, got ready and met the group at Rough Tail Brewing Company . We walked the brewery tour then headed to Volcano for dinner. After, we all played games and stayed up late. That was the first time since New Years eve I've drank and stayed up later than 1 a.m. haha, the struggle bus would soon be pulling up to my house..

Sunday afternoon, I got up in need of an i.v. for hydration. Will and I were just plain struggling. Lack of sleep and too much fun got us like..... bleh. But I downed some ibuprofen, as well as a few bottles of water and then jumped in the car with KC and miss Sutton to head to watch Paris run a 5k. Once Paris started, we yelled for her and gave her high 5's then Kinzi, Sutton, KC and I headed to the playground. We played for a little bit, where Kinzi managed to scare the crap out of me with her swinging as high as the sky abilities and then I about gave myself a concussion climbing up the ladder of the slide. It's always fun to hang with my friends and their little girls! We were able to watch Paris finish up and then all stayed around and talked for a little bit.

Posing with my imaginary child while they pose with the real deal!

Later that afternoon, Will and I headed to his grandpa's house to watch the first half of the super bowl. He has a new lady in his life, and she's great. She brings a positive energy along with a great smile and it's just nice being around her. She seems to make him really happy and I think it's wonderful. We got back home in time for the halftime show. I actually like coldplay and you know why? Because I think they have really great energy, haha. So I wasn't bored by their show, I just sat there and smiled at their love for what they do. Beyonce is beyonce and so she always brings it, I liked how her & Bruno had the dance off thing going, and then I think I stopped watching the super bowl, because honestly I just didn't care about the game haha. I wanted sleep, so that's what I did, got in bed and called it a night.

Have a great week friends! I'm pretty excited that one of the besties will be in town, along with running a fun valentine themed run with KC, and then get a Sunday long run in with Paris & Shauna. Oh and duh, I LOVE balentines day and I'm not too afraid to admit it so I'm super excited about celebrating love with babertz!

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